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Importance of English Essay

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anguage, so far as we know, is something specific to human beings. It is a source of communication among human beings. It distinguishes humans from all other living things. It is the code we all use to express ourselves and communication to others. Language is a medium of instruction between people to express their feelings as well as ideas and attitude.

The word English is derived from the word “England”. There are different kinds of English language like British English, Canadian English and American English. English is without any doubt the actual universal language. It is the world’s second largest native language. English can be at least understood almost everywhere among scholars and educated people, as it is the world media language, and the language of cinema, TV, pop music and the computer world. It is also important because it is most common language spoken everywhere. All over the planet people are familiar with English in this era of mass communication. English has now achieved the global status. English is quickly becoming the World’s most spoken international language, therefore anyone who wants to progress in the world needs to be able to read and speak English. English is used in over 104 countries as an official or semi-official language. It is believed that over one billion people worldwide are currently learning English.

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In today’s business world, English has become the default second language. English is the key to open the world of success. English is thought to be one of the most important language in the world. English is also considered as the business language.
It is widely spoken across the world, even on the internet. It is a way of communication. Most employers prefer their workers to be able to speak and write English fluently. English language has become one of our principal assets in getting a global leadership. It is a mean not only for international commerce it has become increasingly essential for inter-state commerce and communication. English is also use to promote our ideas worldwide and it will be in future. We can see on internet 90% of websites are written and created in English and even when we look at some sites in other language, they also give you the option to translate in English. Another factor which make English so popular is that it is very easy to learn. May be some people think that English is so difficult and confusing language but in real if they start learning English only for a week and they will feel easy with English. It is also the official language of air transport and shipping. On the other hand if we are good in English we can travel throughout the world without any problem because all round the world we can communicate with other people in English and get information about our journey.

Now a days English is a medium of instruction at universities because of these few reasons, communicating with international world, accessing scientific sources in the student’s major fields and enable us to communicate with the people internationally. In this modern age every one need to follow the development in technology. Most of the software such as Windows, Microsoft Office or Mozilla Firebox are also written in English and these are things which are basic link to communicate with Computer. Just like if we want a little search about something we need programs and internet to find necessary sources and information. There are many English medium schools constructing day by day in our country. In Pakistani universities the education is given in English because if students will be capable to understand and speak English they can find there favorite jobs all around the world. Moreover university student need to know English to access information. In our country English is taught to student at every stage because he become able to communicate in English in his professional life.
This thing is also very helpful to international students those went to Europe for studies. English is one of the best tool to establish our viewpoints. Through English we can also share our ideas and theories with the world. A vast source of knowledge is internet in this modern age a lot of data is present on the internet for studies but only students those are familiar with English can use that data. All the lectures given by the teachers in university level is in English. In universities all the interviews, viva and presentations conducted in English so we can say that usage of English in education is very important factor.English is leading language of science, technology, computers and commerce. It is a major medium of education. Therefore, the importance of English language cannot be degraded. so! Students should learn English language by heart otherwise they will feel too much difficulties in their life. ADVANTAGES:

As I mention earlier there are countless advantages of English language. Study of English can provide us useful benefits and knowledge. We can use English to develop ourselves culturally and materially so that we can compete with the best side in the world of mind and matter. We can say that English language is our window to the world. One of advantage is that it is the world most used business and political language. Those who are still unaware about the importance of English. They should start learning English as a time come when everything would be understood , spoken and written in English.

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