Importance of English Essay

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Importance of English

In today global world, English is already became the most common communication tool used among foreign language speakers and more than two billion people all over the world speak English. There are so many advantages to be an English speaker and reasons to learn English. It is so important for a job seeker to be able to communicate well in English. This is due to the fact of increasing amounts of worldwide business are being conducted in English, in job such as sales, marketing and customer service. Usually a job interview is conducted by English and the first impression a job seeker should give in order to get a job is to answer in English fluently. In contrast, chances to getting a job are very tiny if you shutter when interviewing.

Moreover, good command in English will also has a great help in the job especially for those companies are actively involved in international trade. It can help the employees to have a good performance in their job and more easily to get a promotional opportunity . There are several ways to improve English skills. First of all is read anything and everything in English such as story books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Watch English movies with subtitles is another ways to learn English fun. This is the way to learn new words and known how to pronounce them at the same time.

Next, buy a dictionary and keep it all the time with you. Lastly, try to communicate in English with friends and family and sing along to English. Don’t be shy to make mistake, it was another ways to learn from mistake. In the nut shell, a good knowledge in English belongs to the most important requirements in many professions. A person that speaks English would have a better chance of finding a good job a. Let’s start to improve our English language skills from today onwards!

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