Importance of Education Essay

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Importance of Education

The history of humankind is a history of progress; generations of our ancestors collected their experience, passed it to the next generation and as such were able to pass their knowledge to us. Education is the engine that moves mankind ahead, we enjoy the fruits of progress not only because the previous generations studied well but also because they passed their knowledge to us. In today’s world, driven by technology and forces to turn it into a global village, getting education is the best way to improve oneself. Studying is the best way to receive knowledge. Human knowledge collected over the generation is passed to us by teachers.

Our school curriculum is structured to give us a wide breadth of information, some of this information appears to be useless but contrary to this view, this knowledge broadens our mind. An educated person critically thinks make decision and conclusions. Higher education, for instance, getting a degree helps one develop a character. In studying, we in addition to getting education are able to improve our characters. University is a social set up where we socialize, improve our communication skills and even learn how to speak in public. School set up teaches us to be responsible, persistent and assiduous.

In the modern world, no career is possible without education. Not matter the devotion, desire and passion, without proper education there is no job for you. We need documented proof of our abilities to fit in the current job market. Education gives the back ground of the previous innovations without which one can hardly bring in a new idea in the world. To conclude, it is in getting education that we are able to improve our characters and state of our mind. We too become confident and more prepared to face the future. Khan sees education as knowledge of putting one’s potential to maximum use, which I totally agree with (2007).

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