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Importance of Correct Moving Techniques

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Describe how incorrect handling and moving techniques can damage the skin. Identify a range of interventions that can reduce the risk of skin breakdown and pressure sores. Describe the changes to an individual skin conditions that should be reported. It is important to avoid or prevent the vulnerable areas or where sores has already formed. Regularly changing position or moving helps to prevent pressure sores developing in a vulnerable areas or to relieve already existing ones. In every clients risk assessment notes it must be shown how often they need to be moved it could be every 15 min.

r might be every 2 hours. Risk assessment as well should be suggesting how to prevent putting pressure on existing ones or vulnerable areas.

Also might be helpful: correct sitting lying positions how best to support feet to keep good posture the special equipment There are range of special mattresses and cushions to relieve pressure on vulnerable parts of body. Most popular are the ones that can be connected to flow of air.

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Which is automatically regulated to reduce pressure as and when required. Special dressings and bandages can be used to protect and to speed up the healing of pressure sores.

Topical preparations such as cream and ointments can speed up healing process and prevent further tissue damage. Antibiotics and antiseptic creams might be used to prevent infection and bacteria spreading. Certain dietary supplements such as protein, zinc, vitamin c can be helpful. If clients diet lacks vitamins and minerals skin may be more likely to develop pressure sores.

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Debridement ,maggot therapy,surgery has been known to be helpful. Carrying out a regular checks are necessary for evidence of an early signs of the condition.

Any dis-coloration of skin any patches of skin that feel unusually spongy or tough to touch must be recorder into clients personal file and a person in charge informed. Outcome 2 identify legislation and nation guidelines affecting pressure area care describe agreed ways of working relating to pressure area care describe why team working is important in relation to providing pressure area care Every company has different policies how to prevent pressure sores and how to deal with the situation when it happens.

First and most important is new staff training introducing to the rules how to follow regular checks on clients,how vital is to read risk assessments and how to record ,for the other members of staff to be informed what was noticed who was informed and how the problem was solved. Team work can do wonders for clients well being,when staff is well trained and keep each other informed about every simple change the maximum success can be achieved. Unit HSC 2028 Move and position individuals to their plan of care.

Every single client with difficulties to move has a detail notes how it has to be done and how they prefer to be moved. Because of their individual conditions the normal movement of some joints might not be possible or restricted. It is important to understand how joints work together to achieve the understanding in what is the best way to move the client. Special exercises designed to suit different conditions can be very useful.

A physiotherapist would be the one who makes an assessment keeping in mind clients condition e. . following a stroke the client usually has weakness in the left side of the body so physiotherapist will aim to create a work out plan to strengthen the weaker side of the body after hip joint replacement surgery client must feel lots of pain and weakness in the leg as well as stiffness. The physiotherapist will be aware of conditions and will make a plan suitable for this condition. Most of people in wheelchairs have a set of special designed exercises to keep their fitness levels and firm muscles.

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