Importance of Congress and the President of the United States

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Leadership comes in many forms, but they all should have the same mindset and goals when it comes to leading the world in the right direction. Th president of the United States should show ways in which he will be able to improve the healthcare system, education and the job industry. In this world, we face many obstacles from racism to not being able to afford healthcare if experiencing a death related illness. Nevertheless, the president may be the leader but have a backup team, which is congress.

Some leaders send out false messages for the population to vote for them for certain changes but nothing seems different. A good role model for the United States should be someone who is dependable, trust worthy and have a heart to help the people who are struggling to survive on day to day bases.

Many individuals today do not realize the importance of the issue that our nation is falling apart day by day.

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The leaders that are in congress are unethical, and there are major issues that are happening with the way they look at the world. The social problem that is taken place has to do with being able to trust our government leaders when it comes to the war on drugs, the health care system and the targeted propaganda on African Americans in the United States. Throughout this semester we have discussed Policy and law and how we can improve our health care system. In our society, we have different groups of people who are not treated fairly when it comes to jobs, education, or health care.

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In the United States we deal with these issues due to the lack of help from Congress and the president of the United States. In this paper I am going to focus on the worldwide problem on Congress, CEO’s, propaganda and drugs and addict. In the United States, we deal with many issues daily in regards to our healthcare system and the way that it can be describe is problematic.

The president is a leader of policy in the United States that handles important documentation when it comes to politics, the military and economically issues. The duties of the president should have power by with the advice of the senate this is stated in the constitution . However, most of the president may not need the help of the senate or congress and will try to bypass congress to approve certain bills and laws. Values are important when it comes to policies and laws, which explains why different states have different policies and rules than the United States. This is important because what a country is determine to do it can be less significant to illustrate the actions that are required in the United States. The three branches of the United States government should be separated and discrete, this will help with the power being abuse by government officials such as the president of the United States.

Congress has helped with the development of presidency and tend to argue over proposals and legislation that is brought to their attention by the president. They are the ones who choose if the bill that is proposed become a law. This is occurring because there are many individuals globally who would argue that most of the laws are pointless and only satisfy the needs and wants of the upper-class, and wealthier individuals. In order to run a more efficient government, there are responsibilities that congress has given to the president without really many thoughts put into it. This means that they are given up the responsibilities that are least important and focusing on the main issues that occurs in the United States of America. The main issues that are happening in the world is the destruction of the healthcare system, the war on drugs and the lack of education. Many minorities suffer from the laws and policies that are established in the world today. For example, there are many Americans who are without insurance and the cost to have insurance is high and many individuals cannot afford to pay.

Health care is a major issue when it comes to those who are suffering with diseases and illnesses that needs to be treated with medication that can be a bit overpriced. Congress should establish a system to help those individuals who are in low- and middle-income areas be able to receive some type of assistance. Or they can even create more jobs that will help those who are felonies, and don’t have the funds to live. Though, In the United States the healthcare system is known for financial deficit. The United States have several programs that can help with the cost of healthcare but not just to children and the elderly. They should have healthcare for everyone especially those who are suffering from an illness. The U.S. healthcare system is also more likely to pay for diagnostic tests, treatments, and other forms of care before effectiveness is established and with little consideration of the value they provide. In the US health care spending come from several funds such as Medicare and Medicaid.

In my opinion, the government is a joke. The government is responsible for reason that the society is dealing with oppression. The groups that are involved on this ordeal are low- and middle-income individuals, African Americans and the LGBT community. Unfortunately, many individuals throughout the United States are more troubled then others. This put me on the topic of oppression and privileges as to why individuals receive unjust treatment. In my opinion, I think that congress is the main and major reason for most of the problematic issues that occur in the United States.

It starts with the health care system in Florida as one of the biggest issues that most of people faced, because of minorities and lack of government support to help with establishing a free healthcare system. Then it goes to employment opportunities and discrimination. Lastly, food, housing or even transportation was an issue for the United States. They determine services based off race, gender and class. This is discriminating and unfair. The government need to be completely destroyed and replace with individuals who has heart and compassion for individuals who are disable, not able to work or need assistance in living. There have been many questions in wondering how the government make certain decisions of who is capable of receiving the help compared to those who are unable to receive the help, this is unethical.

Another issue that is happening in the United States is the employment rates of individuals who lack education or only have a high school diploma. Since 1983 education has been an issue in the United States. The system has been making constant changes every year to make requirements for education harder on the society. The changes that were taking place were extending the school year and adding more requirements for graduation, then you have the system making the teacher teach the students basic skills that needs to be known to pass standardized test that are given to by the state, and, how school should be structured.

In my opinion, there is not enough funding that is going towards education . This is why so many teachers are paid different salaries based off the state in which you live in. In Florida, teachers are needed in the education system; so now they are offering to pay loans off if they are willing to work in title one schools. These are the school where students tend to misbehave or are in low- and middle-income area. In other words, funding for schools need to be more balanced . Having a balanced school system will help with the gap in the financing of schools. Also, school funding will help with the lack of overcrowded classroom and children will have an interest in learning.

In the United States is the lack of jobs and high unemployment rates that occur to those who has a criminal background or no education higher than a high school diploma. Education is the desire to be able to put their knowledge to use to advance themselves as well as be helpful in the communities. People who are well educated are much more likely to be engaged, to volunteer their time, and to vote, than those who do not have a background in higher education. Education helps to broaden the view of the world while helping to clearly define society’s issues.

Therefore, the problem that is occurring is that resources are available, but only to those who are privileged. By privileged the upper-class , the wealth, the ones who receive education. When viewing inequalities in life, we compare communities where white individuals may live. While the drugs and addicts issue become bigger for the neighborhood, and the discrimination between the white and the black employees, and rights of the black to live equal as the white. Each person is different, we may all sit in the same room but have different views on things. However, for an individual to be discouraged and turned away from a job due to lack of education is unfair. Everyone should have a fair chance to be able to establish a future to be able to survive in this cruel world.

It is clear that the population wants the ability to choose the government that is interested in the needs of others and serve minorities. Laws are established to promote the welfare of the people. Therefore, this brings the issue to democracy who will help establish the gap in the society, and build on the interest of the population when it comes to decision making. In a negative and positive way propaganda has affected our lives in some way that is without us being aware that it exists. Propaganda has been going on for many years since the government has been established in society. The use of propaganda is information that is biased and used to promote and publicize the point of view of politics which are incorrect. In my opinion, my people throughout the world believe and trust everything that occurs on the television. However, most of the time have no facts or evidence to back up what they are advertising. In the world today, propaganda seems to be the super predators of the society.

Yet, when thinking about drugs, health is an important factor. Many of the issues that can lead to death is cancer, which is developed from some sort of chemical that they body has gotten used to and need medication to fight it. When dealing with the health care system and their view on drugs signing a prescription for pain pills is normal to them. Not thinking of the side effects that can happen or how many pills that they are being prescribed. In the late 1800’s drug laws and regulations were imposed in the United states and has been changed by different policies and different laws that have been established by the government. Drugs and Addicts has been a debate that has been going on for longer than it should have. The laws and regulations that are in place is to create a safer society or even a way that the government can control the individuals that lives in the United States. With the many effects, and use of drugs that are available legal and illegally in the country can lead to some negative issues that needs a positive outcome.

The war on drugs is a peacemaking way of approaching drugs that will eliminate the illegal use of them. For example, if the Florida illegalized weed, I feel that it will be out of the hands of congress. The criminological reason is to eliminate drugs is so the taxpayers are not paying the unjustifiable cost of the overcrowding of prisons and violence that can occur in the drug trading business. Drugs such as weed can kill your brain cells if you are smoking before the age of twenty-five. The age in which the brain is fully developed is at twenty-five, meaning that some may experience short term memory lost. When individuals do drugs is makes them feel as though they don’t have a purpose in life. They always have the mentality that they are failures and life get harder because they lack education, so they cannot find a job. The first thing any struggling individual go to is drugs to help deal with what life may throw at them daily.

The two main reason for these issues is the type of environment that they are around or the choices that they decided to make at a young age. In my opinion, many individuals that grew up in low- and middle-income areas are expose to that kind of lifestyle. They suffer from unemployment, and poverty. In these communities’ drug supply and the use of drug activity is often controlled by criminal groups. The individuals that have been to jail for having weapons. They tend to get out and turn to the street life because they are unable to obtain a job that pays them; sometimes all the individual may know is drugs. Having a low paying job is not enough to afford bills in the United States. As well as this may cause stress living in this condition, the younger generation look at drugs as being a financial advantage to make a living by supplying drugs to those throughout the community.

On the other hand, we have decriminalization that can take place meaning if someone is caught with the drugs they will not receive jail time because it is allowed in the state. However, this does not apply in the United States. Creating addicts and users can be from opening dispensary shops. Many individuals do not think about the real effect that drugs have on the population today. If a substance is legal does not mean that it is beneficial for everyone. In other states throughout the United States weed has become legal. Many individuals think that weed or drugs is for recreational use, however, I think it should only be for medical purposes only. Drugs can soothe the mind and body for a little to ease the pain and discomfort, but once addicted it’s hard to carry on with daily activities or even keep a job that will help with daily activities.

All and all, these problems can be solved by eliminating the electoral college, the supreme court changing the constitution court, and help bring back some of the services that helped run the country smoothly. In recent news trump is known for losing the presidential elections by popular votes, but he won by electoral votes. In the United States, we need to eliminate the electoral college so the democracy can be direct instead of indirect. The president should be elected by the people, not by a few individuals who are a part of the electoral college. The states and the districts are the ones who are represented in congress; which has no reason to choose who the president of the United States should be. That should be left to the citizens that has to choose the best chose so that they are able to live comfortably in the United States. If the electoral college decides to remain the same, the state need to make sure that the popular votes are a main obligation of choosing who the next president should be in the year of 2020.

However, in order for these changes to be made the supreme court should be able to revise the constitution. The constitution has not been the same since the 26th amendment was established on lowering the voting age to 18. The role of the supreme court today appears to wonder what will happen to the member of the court when they pass. The United States should be like other countries throughout the world who don’t have a constitution they just obey the laws and rule that are established. In the United States the president should select a diverse group of lawyers and law makers who knows about politics and the well-being of individuals who are living in poverty. In this matter justice could be served for the individuals who have great ideas and willing to put in the time and energy to work towards rebuilding America.

The lawyers and lawmakers could articulate the amendments and improve the constitution in the United States . The court will not have to approve or wait on a mistake to happen to solve the problem. They will have the right to privacy and can decide on the course of attention that will be taking place. Finally, the Supreme Court can have a role in regulations of what happens with the war on drugs and how they can help create laws for those individuals who has recently been incarcerated and cannot get a job due to their record. This will allow the United States to become a safer place to live and not have the burden of wondering what will happen with the president that we have now.

Another problem that can be solved in the United States is the restoration of federal services that is used to run this country. This issue goes back to propaganda and how there are bias statistics about African Americans and low- and middle-income areas living off of welfare. The effectiveness of the executive and legislative branch in the United States is the challenging when being stripped of federal services. The United States had civil servants that were creating the bureaucracies such as the Social Security Administration . In today’s society, the government should be willing to help those who needs a job despite of their race and background.

The United States should provide and equal opportunity like they have for the CEO’s, and Congress. The same way that congress is awarded with free health care, the individuals who cannot afford health care should receive government benefit. They should provide more jobs to those who are will and able to work. Yes, education is important when it comes to the work field, but many individuals will not have the same education as those who are wealthy. Therefore, the Government, Congress, and other Government official should be willing to shape policies and legislation that serve the United States as a whole.

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