Importance of Composition courses for First Year Students Essay

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Importance of Composition courses for First Year Students

An important aspect of education is to enable students to read, write and think critically, so that they develop these vital skills. There is substantial debate over composition courses for first year students and the overall purpose of these courses. Proponents argue that these courses are essential to engage students in academic discussions and to facilitate the practice of close and critical reading among them (Lindemann, 1993).

Lindemann (1993) asserts the importance of composition course stating that these courses enable students to “become aware of their own development as writers” so that they can learn to write effectively to benefit their careers and lives. Writing courses expose students to a variety of writings by different writers and this in turn helps students to choose the best writing styles so that they can use it in future. Through these courses, students are exposed to different writings and products which will provide meaningful examples concerning the writing process.

It is also believed that first year students need substantial support and help from their peers and teachers since “learning to write is not an individual task” (Pinter, 1995). The development of “voice” is one of the important outcomes of writing course in the first year which occurs when teachers provide students with “diverse and plentiful writing exercises and experiences” to express themselves in the best possible manner in a “variety of settings”, academic as well as nonacademic (Pinter, 1995).

Thus, writing courses are an essential aspect for the cognitive and overall academic development of students and provides them with the ability to express their thoughts feelings and emotions in meaningful ways through effective writing. contact dearbpk(at the rate)yahoo. co. in for feedback References Lindemann, Erika. (March 1993). Freshman Composition: No Place for Literature. College English 55. 3: 311-16. Pinter, Robbie Clifton (1995). First Year Writing Courses: What’s the Purpose?

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