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Importance of Article 92

Paper type: Article
Pages: 2 (390 words)
Categories: Art, Article, State
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The military’s form of law is called the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The UCMJ officially began May 31, 1951. It was signed into existence by President Truman. Congress considered it required to create the UCMJ due to the lack of transparency and fairness previously provides to the military populous during WWII. The UCMJ enables for individual jurisdiction over all members of the uniformed services of the United States: the Flying Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps, and Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Members of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps and PHS are just based on the UCMJ when connected to a military system or when they are militarized by the president. Post 92, a sub area of the UCMJ, is meant to develop set precedents of punishment and examples of the criminal offense of failing to comply with an order or policy. This Short article is very crucial and is the fundamental backbone of all the military represent.

Belonging to the armed force is a very important job. Each and every male and woman has an essential job to do which assist the forward progress of our country.

As great as we would like to every person is not every service member does the correct thing. Due to the fact that we have an all volunteer army it goes without saying that the military is a realistic sample of all American has to offer, good and bad. And there are soldiers and service members who if not given a clear set of rules and punishment s would not be productive members of the military. Article 92 is part of the very important checks and balances implemented by the government to help keep the military efficient in spite of this. If you read into what Article 92 covers you’ll see that it provides multiple negative stimuli to the act of disobeying an order. This negative reinforcement is used to cultivate a more efficient military. This is done all the way through the rank structure regardless of service or grade. Civilians may think this is excessive but I believe that view is incorrect. Article 92 and the UCMJ remove the grey area from military law. Military members are held to a higher standard and they conduct themselves as such.

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