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Implementing Change Report Essay

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This report will help Kudlers Fine Foods in upgrading the application of a modification within the organizations sales division. The report consist of five stages in implementing change that include,

Stage one – managing and evaluating the change procedures, study the measurement and observation devices, and which methods to use.

Stage two- monitoring the modification process for control over the modification procedures for expected possibilities for changes within the organization.

Stage three – recognizing at risk divisions of the modification procedure open to modification resistors including the reasons for methods that will overcome the resistors the organization needs change.

Stage four – explanation and advantages of the methods used in the organization’s practices of improving the modification.

Stage five – discussions on how the methods used in the modification can affect the organization’s practices.


Kudler’s Fine Foods sales division actions relating to the sale of wine, sale of exceptional food items, and customer’s registering for the Kudlers wine appreciation courses are unsatisfactory.

A potential modification is under consideration that will offer extra training to the current sales reps in the sales department. Additional training will inform sales employees of the issues the department is issues facing on item considered exception to the organization. The training is mandatory and every employee in the sales division must attend. In addition to training, it is important for management to implement a bonus pay structure. This will help to motivate employees to do his or her best in ensuring the sales in wine and exceptional food items increase and influence consumers register for Kudlers Fine Foods wine appreciation courses.

The Kudlers Fine Foods organization believes in receiving precise modifications appealing, effective, and beneficial to the company as well as its employees. Approving and submitting an application for a modification successfully will lead the organization to a higher level profit, success, and effectiveness. The administration of Kudlers Fine Foods will use the modification control method that will help management interact a shared mission with Kudler’s employees (Leban & Stone, 2008). The modification control method will also inform employees on why the organization is in need of a modification and how the modification is beneficial to employees and the company’s performance (Leban & Stone, 2008). Managements at Kudler’s main focus are properly to apply the modification to employees as well as companies stakeholders implicated in modification.


Constant supervision is important in the processes of an organizations modification application. Because of the problems in Kudlers sales division it is important for administration continuously to supervision production in every division carefully. Management must use measurements and observation devices

Management should employ the use of measurement and methods of observation and devices to obtain excellent results in which sales indications supply the current measurements of the sales performance and the retail increase. The three measurement and observation devices include

The implementation of pulse conference status meetings in which management can obtain information on the status of the modification. Regular, face-to-face, and brief conference status meetings are important because it will show management the current performance of the modification and division is at risk for problems in performance (Project Management Guru, 2012).

Obtaining the current status and outlining a forecast a specific period for the modification project. This assist management in assessing if the modifications projected schedule is running as planned. The modifications projected schedule variance assist management in forecasting (The Times 100, 1995-2013).

The modification control record that reports the changes within duration of the application procedure. In regard to the future the modification control record will helps management to avoid problems that may occur in the process of the modification. The report is important because it will help management in monitoring the completion of each item (The Times 100, 1995-2013).


There are often times when the modifications will cause operating and functioning capability of the organization possibilities. These possibilities may improve how the sales divisions is operating and functioning, encourage an expansion off the division, and help the organization in advising the company evaluate other divisions within the organization. Evaluating other divisions within the organization can help the organization in identifying needed in other areas in the organization. This will provide Kudlers Fine Foods the opportunity in experiencing the processes of change and how change can benefit the organization. These opportunities also can help the organization in developing a strategy that helps the organization modify plans and processes that have failed.


Some employees often oppose change. These individuals fear changes and what a modification within the organization may do to his or her current duties. Employees may also resist change because he or she does not understand the purpose of a modification. Some employees resist change because he or she is comfortable in the way he or she has performed his or her task in the past. Acknowledging why employees oppose changes made in the organization helps the organization develop a plan that will help overcome reason he or she is opposing the purpose of the modification.

Knowing that the change will benefit everyone working within the division with help inspire employees. The fewer employees resist change makes it easier for management to successful meet the goal of increasing profit and registering more clients into the wine appreciation courses. Management should ensure the he or she interacts with employees resisting the modification. Discussing issues with the employee’s and meeting with each employee face-to-face will help management explain how the change is beneficial to the employee and the organization.


An organizations values, activities, and beliefs are important aspects that constitute an organization’s tradition. At Kudler’s employees share the same kind of values, this makes the work environment a pleasant and comfortable to work. When employees share the same values the less conflict, he or she has within the workforce. To ensure modification processes advance smoothly the role of Kudler’s organizational tradition are essential. The company’s organizational tradition helps in developing a positive attitude in the workplace. To create a positive working environment for the organizations employees Kudler managers uses several leadership styles to interacting with employees from different cultures. .

Kudler’s uses a detailed description of organizational structure for determining the level of authority an individual has over other employees and determining specific duties an employee performs. Another important structure is the vertical dimension organizational structure. This organizational structure defines which employees have the authority to make decisions and which employees will supervise the request of the decisions made; whereas the horizontal dimension organizational structure consist of separates the duties and observes the level of the employee’s performance


There are several factors during the modification that may affect Kudler current organizational tradition. The modification may cause Kudler’s employees to resist the changes made within the organization. The change may lead to employee conflict, the decrease in job satisfaction, and motivation. Kudler management must work properly together with the employees in the modification to avoid employee from becoming unsatisfied and discouraged. Employees may become dejected and believe that his or her performance is no longer satisfying to the company’s needs. This can cause the Kudler’s organizational tradition to change from an encouraging, inspiring, and pleasant environment to an undesirable, adverse, and unsatisfying environment. Together these factors key to modifying Kudler’s organizational tradition.


Kudler’s must first modify the sales division by offering employees extra training regarding the sale of wine, exceptional food items, and registering customers for the Kudler’s wine appreciation courses. Second the organization must implement a bonus pay structure to motivate employees in increasing sales influencing consumers to register in the organizations wine appreciation courses. Management should employ the use of measurement and methods of observation and devices to obtain excellent results in which sales indications supply the current measurements of the sales performance and the retail increase.

Evaluate other divisions within the organization to help the organization in identifying needed in other areas in the organization. Evaluating other divisions will provide Kudler’s Fine Foods with the opportunity of controlling change and how change can benefit the organization’s future. Acknowledging employees who oppose to organizational changes to ensure the organization develop a plan in overcoming the reason resistant to the modification. This will help aware employees that the change will benefit everyone working within the division. Interacting with employee is the important aspects that will help in establishing an organization’s tradition. Modifying Kudler’s organizational tradition will ensure the modification procedure proceeds efficiently and develop motivation within the work environment.


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