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Implementation Operational plans

The organization should clearly state what line or products it wishes to develop so that it can help the organization to attain the goals and objectives. This line should be taken and incorporated in the organization mission and focus should be on how this product can be developed for the successful attainment of the organization goals in the future. The organization as a structure should provide a platform for the performance of tasks, management style geared towards assisting it in achieving the set objectives and goals.

(Trewatha Newport 2003).

Involvement of stakeholders Information should be gathered from all interested parties in the organization. They can contribute to the plans by participating in decisions and plans which are being laid down. It is important to determine if the organization possesses personnel in their management who can assist in developing the strategic plan. The said personnel should possess experience and abilities which can enable them to steer the organization towards achieving its goals and objectives as well as setting up a strategic plan for the organization.

Writing the plan

This should be in accordance with the strategic plan and concentration should be on the key strategies. Time should be focused on strategic maters. Focus should be on what the organization should be doing and allocating resources to the said tasks as well as motivating their employees so that they can together as a team achieves the defined strategy. The strategic plans should be stated in terms of priority. The management should be able to decide on what should come first in the plans and hence put a priority to the set goals which they feel are important.

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A strategic plan should be clearly written and all the stakeholders should be aware of the intended strategic plan. Implementation Operational plans are day to day activities and decision made by managers for the daily operations of an organization functions. These should be incorporated in the strategic planning since they will be used in developing the success of the laid down strategic plans. Implementation is putting the set strategic plan to work by executing the laid down plans.

At this stage it is important to have a projected budget which states the funds required to carry out the strategic planning. Evaluation An evaluation of the set strategies should be highlighted so that corrections can be made on it for it to be ready for implementation. Changes to be made if necessary and also an adequate system should be put in place in order to meet the intended implementation of the strategy. What criteria would you use to evaluate your strategies?

It is important to coordinate all the sub strategies and also to integrate them in a flexible manner for them to work effectively. It should be easy to incorporate new information to the already set strategies so they should not be rigid. The set strategies should be updated from time to time. (Trewatha Newport 2003) The environmental factors which may affect the success of the organization should be considered in reaction to organization success and their capabilities. The set strategy should be clear and measurable.

It should be a time bound strategy and in accordance with the organization goals and objectives. It should be easy to understand the strategy and easy for the stakeholders to embrace it and work towards implementing it. The vision should be clear and the management should state clearly to all the stakeholders about the importance of working as a team towards the achievement of the set strategy instead of segregating themselves in their operational functions and working individually.

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