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Implementation of the bsc in pepsi saudi arabia Essay

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Implementation of the bsc in pepsi saudi arabia

First the company sort professional business consultation in the area of the balanced scorecard, from the United States. The plan was outlined and principle corporate agents were put in their respective positions in anticipation of the new method. The team began a gradual introduction of the balanced scorecard system by training the employees who would ultimately become the trainers. The American consultants trained the corporate directors, the directors trained the managers, and the managers trained department heads, the department heads trained unit supervisors, and the unit supervisors trained the floor staff.

By the time the initial training was completed, there were minor cultural discontent, but soon employees began to report general enthusiasm towards the program. The decision was made to propagate the objectives of the corporation as it was then encapsulated in the BSC management persuasion. Intense efforts were emphasized with the specific objectives of aligning the BSC strategies with the goals of the corporation.

The potential business and corporate advantages from a successful implementation of the idea were drilled through the corporate ladder. The proponents of the idea sort nfluential support from the corporate head-liners. And advocates were developed to sell the system to the rest of the company. The supporters touted the BSC as a corporate performance enhancement system that could elevate all essential strategic areas of the company.

THE PILOT PROGRAM: In setting up the pilot program, the consultants made note of key objectives that ought to be reached by the pilot participants ,they outline the key issues that must be addressed by the pilot group. They pointed to the need to establish concrete foundations to support customer needs and expectations.

They warned that the group must choose an effective processes that would address the desired result as opposed to the process. They also agreed that all team members must maintain due accountability to the company. Every team member was required to know how he or she was contributing to the companies future, as opposed to letting other team members decide on their behavior. They were all required to articulate in their own way how they would like to contribute to the growth of the organization. The corporate higher-ups were instructed to make sure that all team members were aware of each and every development that was worth noting.

They must be an accessible system of communication from the top to the bottom. It was also decided that it was not just the responsibility of the accounting department to pursue money saving measures. Ultimately the company began a pilot program, the top corporate officers were recruited for support, and panels were set up to define and strengthen the strategic objectives of the organization, and to clarify the fundamental reasons for the implementation of the BSC. Directors participated and encouraged team members to see the pilot program through, to give it a reasonable chance, and they did.

The advertizing department, accounting department, the production line representatives, and representatives from higher level management participated in several weeks of BSC training. As would be expected the initial days of practice marred with serious resistant from the employees. However the organization’s determination to pursue the program superceded the descent, and the management experimentation went forward. The initial objective was to design a solid strategy that would guide the company into the future, to ensure that the survivability of the organization was not base entirely on its financial data.

With the help of the advertizing department, the issues of customer retention and clever ad presentation were discussed and the decision was made to allow the department to mount more aggressive and creative advertizing campaigns. To target not just the customers, but to give potential customers a reason to try their products. The floor employees were assigned with the development of progressive techniques to attract and retain quality workers. They also were assigned with the responsibility to develop the most effective and efficient ways to disseminate necessary information from the office of the directors to all team members in the company.

The accounting employees made a commitment to share important information about the companies financial health with the rest of the team. The pilot team learned that the financial success and the long term survival of the company depended on all of the team members, and on making sure that every team member was aware of necessary corporate information, including training and feedback related comments. Because the pilot program was a success the whole organization eventually adopted the balanced scorecard management practices.

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