Implementation and evaluation of technology plan in schools Essay

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Implementation and evaluation of technology plan in schools

Following the important role played by technology in current industrial society, there is much need to incorporate technology in schools to help students prepare for the rapid changing world. Incorporation of technology in schools will not only enhance learning but will also support education reform goals. To this end, in order to ensure effective integration of technology in schools, there is need to ensure that there is collaboration and sharing of vision among schools, community members, parents, educators as well as business leaders.

This will help to ensure that the plan does not help in acquisition of software and computers alone but have promoted collaboration, professional development, meaningful learning capable of adjusting to any change. Implementation of Webpage SharePoint in schools The implementation of webpage SharePoint will help in developing a collaborative online link for teachers, parents geared towards enrichment of student’s activities.

Incorporation of webpage in school will provide a centralized location where teachers and parents could interact and get to learn on the development across all schools while still providing a framework to share ideas, discuss issues and develop rapport with other teachers and parents. Incorporation of webpage and SharePoint will be able to foster a greater sense in volunteer participation and shared purpose across school through timely, continuous and consistent information (Alfinio, Jonathan, James & Fredrick, 2000).

Implication of Webpage on mathematics; Implementation of webpage in school will help in preparing and modeling of respective teachers with technologies, tools and strategies consistent with National standards as well as with standards of other schools. It will also provide a framework for curriculum development, teaching and assessment of prospective teaching expected from teachers.

This as a result will help to ensure that through webpage, teachers address the needs of students through incorporation of teaming in teaching and planning; development of flexible interdisciplinary thematic block scheduling and curriculum units as well as formation of cooperative heterogeneous grouping (Alfinio, Jonathan, James & Fredrick, 2000). Implementation of Parent link in schools According to Science Daily (2009) with implementation of parent link as a new parent communication system.

Parents will be provided with instantaneous messages through telephone text messaging and e-mail. This will prove very fundamental in enhancing message conveyance for homework assignments, weather cancellations. This sophisticated system will help school to alert parents to the closing of the school as well as student’s test score. With a special code, implementation of parent link parents will be notified of the attendance of their children through an automated message.

The technology have been successfully implemented and proved quick and reliable in Osceola Township where it works very efficiently in alerting parents on a snow day, (Tom, 2009). In enhancing mathematics, the parentlink will have four tabs in mathematics, science, English language and social science where the parent will be provided with an access of how the child is learning; the grade level the child is as well as the state standards for each subject, (Maria, 2010).

On institutional organization, implementation of parent link will provide educators and parents with a snapshot of the performance of the child from the student profile, the support system the child needs in order to improve on performance. Through the parent link, the school will be well equipped with the student as well as parent’s data based on meal codes, test scores, home language and others which will be fundamental in supporting the family as well as the child.

Parent link will provide parents with timely access of their children’s information thereby allowing them to contact the school immediately they come a cross inaccurate information (Maria, 2010). Maria, (2010) explains “Aris parent link system has provided families with information about their school as well as of other schools, information that has enabled parents to collaborate with teachers in addressing the strengths and weaknesses of their students. Helped parents to make a choice of helping the school as well as in selecting a school of their choice. ” Why implement Skype Technology in schools.

Science Daily (2009) explains that “even without direct input from a teacher, as long as there is an environment that stimulates curiosity, is possible for children to teach themselves and share pertinent knowledge. A process called ‘minimally invasive education. ” When Skype technology is incorporated in the school, it will offer an ideal resolution for team-based education. With Skype webcam chats, students will be provided with an authentic experience and enough access to a free personal tutor. This will also enable students to collaborate with their English-learning fellows and especially through face-book.

Glendon & Kathleen (2009) observes that in Wiregrass High School, “students benefit in exchanging questions and answers with their teachers via SMS and browse classroom blogs for additional instruction. As a collaborative tool, Skype have helped students to quickly trade notes while other simply takes a snapshot of the blackboard for later studying. ” On instructional organization, Implementation of Skype software in schools will facilitate and allow teachers to work in those schools situated in undesirable and remote locations without leaving their offices. Skype and mathematics

By 2011, Skype technology should be able to provide collaboration in mathematics through web environment. It should be made to incorporate such features an interface with browser to ensure that students and teachers are able to login from anywhere, an automatic TeX formatting filter for formula typing by teachers and students, (Science Daily, 2009). This implementation of Skype in school curriculum will therefore help students collaborate in computing a complex problem, work on currency conversion, and calculate time zones for other countries among other applications (Science Daily, 2009).

Implementation of Skype in schools will facilitate connection between teachers and students world wide through real-time synchronous discussions, audio and text chat, instant file sharing and video conferences. Skype will allow teachers to collaborate and network with their fellow educators; students with the help of Skype will be privileged to surrender their assignments and get back the graded scores from their teachers (Science Daily, 2009).

From the discussion above, it is very clear that it is not possible for computers to replace good teachers. However, this technology can be utilized to ensure a high standard of learning in the schools while still allowing teachers to remain at their desirable areas. To this end, incorporation of technology in schools should not be considered a threat to teaching rather an asset to enhance the same (Science Daily, 2009).

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