Implement Person Centred Approaches

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Outcome 1.1
Define person centred values
Person centred care respects the values and uniqueness of individuals, helping them to get their independence back. And can be designed to enable individuals to direct their own care in ways suited to them, working with various healthcare professionals to reach set goals.

Outcome 1.2
Explain why it is important to work in a way that embeds person centred values It is important as the person is treated as an individual and not labelled, allowing the individual to maintain their sense of being a person, Understanding their emotional needs and preferences, by doing this you help maintain the service users identity, independence and self esteem.

Outcome 1.3
Explain why risk taking can be part of person centred approach Supporting service users to take risks to do what they have chosen is part of a person centred way of working. This can be done by speaking to individuals finding out their needs, also reading their care plan to see specific preferences an speaking to friends and relatives about the individuals background.

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Outcome 1.4
Explain how using and individual care plan contributes to working in a person’s centred way The individuals care plan is focused solely around the wants and needs of the individual, by following care plans you are fulfilling the individuals wants and needs, supporting them in a way that they or their family members desire. Looking at the individuals needs and building and plan around it, service users should be at the centre of their plans ensuring the right support is being provided.

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Outcome 3.1
Explain the importance of establishing consent when providing care or support Consent is important as it makes the service user aware of what is going to happen, actions that will be taken, and any implications. Consent protects both the service user and care giver against any legal challenges should any arise. Without consent you cannot continue with giving care.

Outcome 3.3
Explain what steps to take if consent cannot be ready established If you cannot readily establish consent, it needs to be looked into, if the service user is refusing to co operate you then need to find out why, if there is a communication barrier looking at communication aids such as talking mats or sign language. If it is an emergency then consent is implied as there is nobody present to give consent it is assumed that consent would be given by the family or next of kin.

Outcome 4.1
Describe how active participation benefits an individual
Active participation contributes to improving health outcomes and quality of care, it empowers service users helping with confidence, self esteem and power to air their concerns and most importantly giving the service users choice, allowing them to feel included in every aspect of their care.

Outcome 4.2
Identify possible barriers to active participation
Poor communication
Lack of attention
Poor eyesight
Chronic Pain

Outcome 4.3
Demonstrate ways to reduce the barriers and encourage active participation
Constructive feedback

Outcome 5.3
Explain why worker’s personal views should not influence and individuals choices A worker’s own personal views are not fact and can be seen as discriminatory towards the individual or their choices this can give the individual a complex preventing them from progressing.

Outcome 5.4
Describe how to support an individual to question or challenge decisions concerning them that are made by others Encourage questions and listen, ensure the individual is aware of trust policies and procedures, the individual should also be aware of their own rights

Outcome 6.1
Explain how individual identity and self esteem are linked with well being The links between the two can fragment personal identity such as lack of access to services which can reduce confidence and self esteem affecting the service users emotional health.

Outcome 6.2
Describe attitudes and approaches that are likely to promote and individuals well being Treating each person as an individual is important as well as giving and maintaining dignity and respect for the individual’s culture and beliefs, giving realistic goals to meet encourages empowerment to gain self esteem and confidence, listening can help encourage and develop independence.

Outcome 6.4
Demonstrate ways to contribute to an environment that promotes well being

By encouraging inclusion to promote an individual’s well being such as Personal attitudes
Participating and engaging in activities
Aware of environment
Own personal space

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Implement Person Centred Approaches

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