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The concept of colonial power in terms of governance, political, economic and social empowerment from Western states had an influence on non-western nations. During this age of imperialism, a global economy emerged in which Western nations dominated the manufacturing sector and manufactured raw materials from non-western countries like Africa. One major impact of imperialism was modernization which led to introduction of new technology and mass production of goods and services.

Many individuals from non-western countries sought employment from industrialized states which led to a change in the way of life. The local economies were transformed to modern improved economies through mass production of goods. This was made possible through development of communication and transportation networks. The Europeans urbanized plantations and mines where cheap labor was supplied from non-western countries. New banking systems were introduced and the traditional exchange system was abolished.

The Westernized states imposed their ideas, culture and leadership policies in many parts of non-industrialized countries. This led to achievement of transformations for local economies. The transformations had several effects which included first, eradication of poverty as many individuals were employed in plantations and mines. Second, the level of illiteracy was reduced through introduction of education system which saw many students enroll in schools. The acquired skill at skill provided opportunities for non-westernized students to get white collar jobs for better living.

Third, the lives of many individuals were saved as medical services were available. More health care facilities were constructed to provide medical attention at low cost. Fourth, the transformations saw many individuals being converted to Christianity which led to abandonment of traditional way of doing things to a more civilized culture. Fifth, new money economy was promoted which saw improvement in transport and communication networks. The effects of the transformations are being felt today as many non-western countries have reached the status of Western states.

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