Imperial Goals Essay

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Imperial Goals

It is safe to say that our world wouldn’t be nearly the same today, due to the events crammed into the short period of 1580 to 1763, more so than all other eras in history combined. Many races and religions were expanding and looking for new and better ways to live, and a lot of them had the same idea, that the only way they could do that was in the New World. The imperial goals of England, France, and Spain all differed somewhat, but in the end, had the same meaning: to conquer the land that was North America.

The English seperatists were the first people to officially settle in America, therefore not having much competition for anything as far as land, resources, or power. England’s main imperial goal was to spread English culture throughout the New World. As a broken-off group of their old country, especially, they needed land to expand their community and bring more dominance to their ideas, which is why North America, thousands and thousands of square miles of nearly uninhabited land, was the perfect place to do it. Because they were the first country to settle down, they initially had no other imperial goals.

The French, on the other hand, had much to accomplish, being as they originally had little to no power in Europe, as well as not much respect. Their main imperial goal was to spread catholicism. You could compare this to the English’s goal of spreading their culture, because catholicism was a very large factor of France’s culture, and it differed very much from the vast majority of England’s religions, which were Protestant. Now, with competition of many other countries in the New World’s melting pot of races, France had something else they wanted to gain: resources. In their country, the beaver was basically their only item of value to other traders. But North America brought prosperity to whoever could get it first, with an abundance of plants, minerals, and animals for the settlers to get a hold of.

The Spanish, more powerful and threatening than any other country, came with many imperial goals. Like the French and English, they wanted to spread the Spanish culture, to expand their land with ease. Also, like the French, the Spanish strived to spraed catholicism, but with missionaries. The Spanish also shared the goal of conquering to gain the control of resources thorughout North America. Because of all the similar aspirations, another imperial goal of the Spanish was to restrict French power, and if possible, overall occupation, of the French in the Americas, as they proposed a threat to the success of them. The last of Spain’s imperial goals was to reduce influence of the Ottoman Empire, because the idea of an empire running for over 300 years and still remaining successful was a huge threat to the Spanish.

The English, French, and Spanish alike were very powerful, dominant, and threatening countries to all the other settlers at different times in the New World. Even though they had different goals they wanted to accomplish, they remained a threat to each other and to everyone else until 1763 when the proclamation settled competition and land was almost completely desiphered as to who owned it. Each country was different in how they wanted to succeed and live their lives as a population, but in the end, their imperial goals amounted to the same aspiration of conquering the New World.

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