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Impacts of two UD in World City Essay

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Sydney is a world city that currently has urban dynamics operating in it. Sydney is located on the coast in the South-East quadrant of Australia. Urban Decay and Renewal is clearly evident in Pyrmont – Ultimo, a suburb located with in a kilometre from the CBD. Rhodes , further to the north west of Pyrmont, is also under going Urban Decay and Renewal.

The silicon corridor is an area of places where companies have decided to suburbanise some of their office blocks due to the cheaper land.

The corridor originates in North Sydney and goes in a north westerly direction from there, passing through Chatswood and North Ryde The impacts of both these Urban dynamics are clear and evident in the area in which they are operating.

Urban decay, the deterioration of the urban environment, and urban renewal, the redevelopment of these areas so that they better meet the needs of people, are clearly evident in the suburbs of Pyrmont-Ultimo and the Rhodes peninsula.

The Pyrmont-Ultimo area was a place full of finger wharves and was used as the primary hub of docks. It experienced a huge growth in industry and port facilities before the introduction of larger ships made the area redundant. The blue collar workers who worked on the docks therefore lived in the area packed up and looked for more work. This in effect made the area old and abandoned. The buildings became useless, out of date and redundant.

The 1970’s and 80’s was the prime time of decay in the area. Due to the proximity of the Pyrmont area to the Sydney CBD and its potential to better meet the needs of people and businesses, the New South Wales government decided to renew the area. 1994 – 2004 was the ‘decade of renewal’ and saw the area gain much more interest.

The difference was the renewal of the area brought very different people and companies to what where there previously. White collar mangers and professionals with either no spouse, or a small family decided to live here, mainly due to two things. The proximity to the CBD meant they could easily travel to and from their work in the CBD to home and the second reason was that the type of work that attracted them was now in the Pyrmont area. Crown Casino, Channel 7 and Google are a few companies that chose to relocate to the Pyrmont area. The impacts of this renewal is it has lead to the area becoming a lot mote productive which was done by the population growth and growth in jobs.

Another area currently going through urban decay and renewal is the Rhodes peninsula. The area had been associated with Sydney’s industrial history since the 1900’s when in 1928 Timbrol, a chemical making company, decided to relocate there. After then many more companies in a similar industry decided to move there as well. The chemical era in Rhodes had stopped by the 1980’s but the land was unable to house residential apartments because of the contamination left by the chemical plants, it therefore went into decay.

This left a large spot of 23ha unable to be used for any type of commercial, residential or industrial buildings. In the late 90’s the area was recognised for its potential and was fully redeveloped, getting rid of any chemicals that may have been there from the factories. The result of the redevelopment has seen many more companies of a commercial type want to have offices there.

This increased the interest to live in the area, which therefore made developers build many more high to mid density buildings in the area. Like Pyrmont-Ultimo the people who lived in the area are mainly single or have little families. However, due to the combination of land economics and the location of Rhodes from the CBD, the land is considerably cheaper for both commercial and residential use. What this means is the area is readily more available for other people.

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