Impacting moment in my Life Essay

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Impacting moment in my Life

It is difficult for me to explain a situation that has impacted my life. When God created the earth he decided that every person would be different, some big others small, some thick others thin. He also decided that everyone would have different behaviors. Some people would be shy and calm with little talking, while others the total opposite loud and more extravagant. Between all these categories I represent the shy and calm, for this reason it is very hard for me to express an impacting moment in my life. The most impacting moment in my life occurred many years ago when I started living my life fully and felt complete. My parents decided to register me to a public school in the city Guayama and I did not dominate well the language Spanish. For me this news was very impacting. One of the reasons I was scared of learning a second language I didnt dominate, another reason was losing all the friends I had made and had kept me company for many years but the major reason was leaving the house in the military base Roosevelt roads.

Everything happened when my father decided it was time to retire the military service because he had given 20 years of his life and was tired of the same routine he had daily in the service. I counted on the short age of 13 and was enrolled in the 7th grade in the military base Roosevelt roads in Cieba Puerto Rico. I had been 6 years cursing in military schools; previously I had lived in different military bases in the United States and also Cuba. I always had fluent English teachers, and although I lived in Puerto Rico all my friends lived in the base and talked English. Due to the style of life I was accustomed to live was changing I started to feel panic and very scared.

To find out that my parents decided to stay in the island for one more year because they hadnt thought of where to move in the United States made me worry. My mother decided to enroll me in a private school where English was the main language, but I opposed on her decision because I wanted to be in the same school as my cousin was. Due that I was afraid to express myself in Spanish since it was not my first language, I felt more secure having a family member close so it would be easier for me. My mother always showed us the importance it was to dominate 2 languages, but due to always being surrounded by people who spoke, read, and wrote English was easier for me to focus only in the English language.

Arriving to the school in Guayama and seeing the school system and the environment of students was very different from what I was used of seeing I felt alone and lost. Due to how timid I was it was hard for me to make friends. Speaking Spanish wasnt the main problem, understanding what people tried to tell me was the problem. Reading and writing Spanish was also an obstacle in the school I assisted. The teachers were very patient with me and in some way they would always try to help me. My cousin was a very important factor that helped me overcome obstacles.

Another reason that I felt sad and mad was having to leave my friends from the base. Practically I lived four years of my life where everyone knew each other and the register of the school was so small that every teacher knew each student. The majority of the military parents extended their orders because they felt safe and secure in Roosevelt roads. To have lived in that base for four years was magnificent and are moments I will treasure always with love. For this reason it was hard for me to proceed from leaving that place. I couldnt accept a drastic change of the commodities I had enjoyed.

Finally I will mention that although the impact of changing schools, learning a new language, leaving old friends and a military base affected my life in that precise moment, it also helped me grow as a human and mature. After many years I understood why my mom pushed me in knowing two languages. I realized it when I started the university and saw how important knowing two languages are.

Ive also lived it; since my mother is a teacher in Orlando and dominates two languages she has more opportunities in schools. Due that I wanted to expand my horizons educative I decided to come to Puerto Rico with the purpose of learning more of the language in Spanish. Today I thank God and my parents for the most impacting moment I had years ago because now my major interest is to dominate two languages so much in English as much in Spanish to become a bilingual teacher and help students that face the same problem I once did.

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