Impact that electronic applications Essay

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Impact that electronic applications

1.0  Introduction

1.1  Background

As a nation, it bears noting that Libya has been on the limelight lately as a result of the numerous efforts being made by various stakeholders in an effort to ensure that the nation has the relevant state of art technology. This is to ensure that the companies here run via the latest state of art technology.  In addition, Libya is in the process of updating all its electronic management systems thus companies need to be included in the process because they form a core part of the Libyan economy. Moreover, it is companies that employ most of the banking services that are offered in the country, putting in mind the fact that Libya is in the process of restructuring its banking sector and upgrading its services. It is inevitable that firms need to make use of electronic applications in their day to day manufacturing processes, offering of services to clients and marketing of finished goods so as to stay in business in this competitive business world (Golden Star of Libya, n.d).

There was a recent scientific seminar that was carried out on the Libyan electronic gate for information and this was in Tripoli on the 18th of May 2010. This was aimed at introducing electronic management projects nationally so as to spread the culture of employing electronic gates in the present services that occur between the corporations and citizens (, 2010). The same projects target the public and private banks as well as the investment companies. Moreover, there are set lectures on several aspect related to electronic applications in Libya.

1.2  Literature Review in relation to the Research Question

Several studies have been conducted in relation to the impact that electronic applications have in the Libyan companies as well as the applications that are being employed. Moreover, some of the studies give some of the applications that are being employed in Libya.  According to a research that was conducted by Hunaiti, Masa’deh, Mansour and Al-Nawafleh, there were remarkable findings in Libyan firms pertaining to the growth of e-commerce via the employment of computers as a form of electronic application. For instance, it is evident that the vast majority of Libyan businesses companies find it more prosperous to use online shopping and the employment of a national framework to facilitate the growth of e-commerce and focus on internet safety in Libya ( 2009).

There are other publications such as “Near East/South Asia report, Issue 86072” that indicate the fact that Libyan companies are greatly involved in the trade of electronics and employ some of the equipment in their manufacturing processes  (United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service & United States. Joint Publications Research Service, n.d). However, most of the materials used did not give a way forward pertaining to the improvement of the existing electronic applications in Libya. Moreover, the views given were general to all the companies in Libya thus no specific companies were mentioned. Besides, the conclusions of the authors suggested that Libya still has a long way to go in order to effectively employ electronic applications in the business but there is great potential.

1.3  Importance of the research

A number of observations can be made by further examining the impact that electronic applications have had in Libya. This research would enable other external bodies to see the loopholes and where they can come in handy. The findings of this study would reject the notion that Libya being a third world country does not have companies that employ electronic applications but rather illustrate that Libya is a mile ahead and is still in the process of employing more sophisticated electronic applications in business processes. In addition, the outcome of the research will give other companies in Libya more reasons to utilize electronic applications in their business processes. Practitioners can make use of the outcome of this research in developing a frame work to conduct further research on the same in other countries.

2.0  Methodology

The objective of the study is basically to examine in an empirical manner the impact that electronic applications have in the Libyan firms as well as the applications that are in use. The proposed research methods include library visits, field work, interviews and other relevant enquiries. In conducting this research, it is important to consider online interviews with IT managers in most of the companies in Libya because they are the best people to avail first hand information on the electronic appliances in their organizations.

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