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Impact of Training and Developement on Employees Essay

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1.1 Introduction

The purpose of training is to help people learn something they need to know or able to do for specific purpose such as to achieve organizational objectives and goals, carry out specific tasks, prepare new responsibilities or attain their correct goals. Successful training programs share they affect changes, that are designed to achieve objectives that describe what people will be able to do as result of training are learned centered, not trained centered.

According to paymond A. Noe etal, 2011: p 7 training is a planed effort to enable employees to learn job related knowledge, skills and behavior.

For example many organizations offer safety training to teach employees work safety habits . development involves acquiring knowledge, skill and behavior that improve employees ability to meet the challenges of a variety of new or existing jobs, including client and customer demands of those jobs (Ibid). Development programs often focus on preparing employees for management responsibility, like wise if company plans to set up teams to manufacture products , it may offer development program to help employee learn the ins and outs of effective team work.

Development implies “learning that is not necessary to related to employees current job” and development indicates that it is future oriented (M. londom 1989)

training has the distinct role in achievement of an organizational goal by incorporating the interests of organization and the work force( stone R.j Human resource management, 2002) .

however Training and development focus on enabling the employees to perform their duties better While HR functions focus on the day to day operations of the company, such as payroll, disability, and employee and management conflicts or issues. HR protects employees and the company by following the correct and legal guidelines for resolutions.

1.2 back ground of organization

In 1994 STC (Somaliland Telecommunication Corporation) established by one of Somalilander and it was first Telecommunication Company in Somaliland. Later company started to open share by public in order to maximize capacity of the company. Then company expand service throughout main cities of Somaliland, such as Berbera Burco, Boorama and Lowyocado, then it become the biggest Telecommunication Company in Somaliland at that time It was booming for several years then conflict between partner the main source of the conflict was the administration.

Which makes difficult the company to be competitive position compare to other that is why liquidation comes too finally. In 2006 January group of Somalilander, and Somalis bought the whole company they change the name of the company, from STC to SITALINK under the name of SITALINK it was working couple years. In 2008 JULY the name charge once more in to NATIONLINK, which is right now legal name of the company. This is Telecommunication Company that offering Service is All the Somaliland, Somali and other countries like central Africa, Congo, and Switzerland and so on.

This is Company corporate.

Services offering This Company like:
* Mobile Service (GSM)
* Landlines (PSTN)
* Internet (ISP)
* E- Mail, Cash Payment (Mobile Money)
* VoIP Service


Working toward the future demands that we not only focus on today’s needs, but also develop technologies for the needs of tomorrow.


Change and dynamic thinking is a distinguishing feature we relished over the years. In order To keep up with the pace of innovation and growth in the business of telecommunication our only choice is to embrace forward thinking and better adaptation to change. To perfect the art of better adaptation to changes is not a matter of choice, but out of sheer necessity.

1.3 statement of problem

My preliminary indirect observation shows us that there is no specific policy of training and development that is guided to employees. And also invested employees with high cost of training which are sometimes sent to overseas, move from the organization, hence this is loss and it affects the efficiency of an organization. but on the other hand Nation link has all mostly HR policies that is written on organizational procedures, which are delivered to employees in order to act on their activities. As human resource officer of Nation link told the researcher that their HR policies based on Somaliland labor law.

1.3 Research questions

1.4.1 Did they have HR policy? If yes what did their policy state training and development program conducted in their organization?

1.4.2 Is there any criterion to select trainees?

1.4.3 What is training methods used?

1.4.4 Did training and development program have impact on organization’s performance?

1.4.5 Who do they use to do their training; ?

1.4 objective of the study

1.5.6 general objectives of the study is to assess the impact of training and development on employees performance of Nation link

1.5.7 The specific objective are :-

a.) To establish HR policy especially training and development policy b.) To describe how they select trainees  c.) To know training method(s) used to conducting training. d.) To understand that training and development have impact on performance of an organization.

1.5 scope of the study

Since it is difficult to comment on each and every department of nation link due to both the researcher and organization’s respondents busy as well and limited time, for these barriers, the researcher would like to focus only on the HR department at the Headquarter in Hargeisa town, because HR activities are handled mainly at the headquarter and this limits the study on activities of training and development.

1.6 significance of the study

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