Impact of the invention of Automobiles Essay

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Impact of the invention of Automobiles

The invention of automobile has been one of the most significant factors that have contributed towards the transformation of the world. Before the invention of automobile it was very difficult and time consuming to travel from one place to another. Man has become the master of his own time due to the automobile. Now he can plan his own schedules and manage his time more efficiently and constructively.

Automobile gave a boost to the world economy. Petroleum was a product that was in abundance but was largely unused. With the invention of automobile it started getting used and also boosted the living standards of the people of the countries in which it is available the most for e.g. the Middle Eastern countries. Though there was enough living space in all the continents of the world, people used to live clustered in the locality that was nearest to their work.

As a result those working in factories used to live close to it despite the health hazards it created. With the invention of the automobile people were able to cut down their health risks by moving away to cleaner places with better air to breathe and yet manage to report to work within the stipulated time minus any hassles that earlier long distance traveling encompassed. All the services got fast. The firemen, the doctor, and the policeman can all reach on time and get on with their work that is extremely urgent.

Many newer services got created for e.g. the courier service that thrives on the benefits laid down by the invention of automobile. Hence the socio-economic condition of the world has got totally and positively transformed with the invention of the automobile. But sadly there have also been certain negative outcomes of the invention of the automobile. The number of deaths on roads has increased due to this modern necessity. Also the world has become a much more polluted place to live in because of the toxic fumes that automobiles create.

However, if we compare the negative and positive impacts of the invention of automobile on the world at large then we cannot deny the fact that the positive impacts outshine the negative impacts. The best part is that if human beings are careful then these negative impacts can be shunned completely. Man cannot think living without the automobile and perhaps its invention is the best thing that has happened to the world.

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