Impact of the internet Essay

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Impact of the internet

Since the advent of the internet, the world has experienced many changes in various aspects of life including the social set up. There is virtually no limit to the information that one can access from the internet just from the comfort of ones chair or bed depending on where you are logged in. Getting in touch with people from any corner of the world has been reduced to just a few strokes of the keys and a click of the mouse. The social impacts of these are many. To start with, there is social alienation leading to complete lose of physical touch with relatives and friends.

Individuals are tending to keep away from education and work places. The outcome of this is that people tend to lack face to face socialization as they just get locked up behind there computers. According to Brian, people tend to become significantly depressed, stressed and lonely with one another as they spend many hours chatting in the internet (Brian W, 2006). Even though chat rooms in the net provide almost the same interactive approach to socialization, it however lacks the in–person connection necessary for people to develop acceptable social skills.

It is feared that this lack of touch will affect the way the young people socialize especially in communities that dictates strong interpersonal relationships whether it is to the families or friends. This is just one good example of a culture that faces being thrown out or being given little significance by the people due to advent of the internet. Another big change brought to the society due to internet is the lose of identity since most people especially in the urban set up are getting strongly attached to the new culture adopted from the internet .

Almost all communities uphold good moral standards in the societies. However, with advent of internet, this has been completely put at stake. High percentage of pictures and videos in the net are pornographic in nature. There are new cultures coming up in the society like establishing online friends. This is common with the many social sites like nimbuzz, tweeter and facebook. Furthermore, dating culture has shifted to the net where there are many sites to look for soul mate.

The ease with which people access the friends highly jeopardizes the morality of the society. Politically the freedom of flow of information is suggestion of the democratic level in a country. The internet is one of the technological means in the area of information and knowledge revolution. The internet therefore bears political culture in many meanings. As a fast and handy way of disseminating information, many governments have started using the internet to reach out to the public.

There are various government sites with government information. In addition, many people converse about political issues over the net through chat rooms and networking sites. Internet is an available means through which people concerned with politics communicate since it has a gigantic storage capacity (Hasan A, 2005). The internet is an arena that has experienced rapid growth economically. The net is no longer just a place for getting simple information and walk away. It has turned out to be taking the place of learning institutions.

It is like a playing field full of games and even a shopping mall full of goods of all sorts. Actually, there is a lot of business carried out in the net. Various companies’ enterprise on providing internet services. They host the internet backbones acting as internet access points, service providers between countries and continents (Andrew O, 1998). They reap a lot profit due to the increasing high demand for internet services, though there is a lot of competition as more people also venture in to get the benefits.

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