Impact of technology on communication Essay

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Impact of technology on communication

The ways new technologies of communication affect my interactions. Since the existence of electronic communication I have made friends who are far from where I live. Although not everyone I have met on the internet becomes my friends, some are business associates, others have become my employer and still many have become my friends. My very common means of electronic communication is through live chats such as yahoo messenger and skype. This is where I get immediate feedback as long as the person I am chatting with is online. It requires that both of us have the account which is free of charge.

New technology will show me if the person is away, unavailable, online or offline. I also use the email technology and this has helped me cover many distances in terms of education and socializing. I have bought books that I feel I need to read through the internet and the payment I have done through wire transfer. Surprisingly I have not lost any money or got conned as I hear people complaining that the net is full of fraud. I have also got a free lance job with the essay writers and I wrote my application through an email. After a while I got a feedback from them through email and started working for them.

I get all my orders through browsing through the list of orders supplied and I work on the orders and then send them to customers through the internet. My questions if any about the orders are direct to the customers as a message that gets addressed within 24 hours. My pay for the work done is through electronic wire transfer. However I lack the face to face opportunity of interacting with these people I work for and although this does not much affect my work I tend to think that maybe if the meeting in face to face was there maybe we would not bond well and maybe wouldn’t work together.

Sometimes this happens as some people who I meet face to face can never become my friends, my partners in business or my employer. They are those people who are hard to deal with, people who are not straight, who will look for war always. This I can only judge once I get to interact with a person face to face. Although one can get a vivid idea of some one’s character through their way of writing – that is the language they use, I believe some characteristics can be hidden and not seen through writing but will expose out rightly on face to face basis.

I look at the people on television and associate the characteristics of the individuals here with the background they come from. An example movie from Mexico portrays Mexicans as very beautiful people, very hardworking. This is my personal opinion of the Mexicans and although it might not be perfect, I have come to this conclusion through watching television. Television has always shown Africa to be the land of jungle, wild animals moving freely. When I went for a tour in these places I saw exactly this. The last interesting thing that I have got from the net is a fiance.

I met this man through skype and after chatting for quite some time we exchanged snaps. In the snap I saw that his physical appearance is what I would want. We did a lot of communication and said what each of us value, our dislikes and likes. When he finally flew to come and see me, I was not surprised for I just saw the very person I have learnt to love and respect on skype. He spoke the same way, looked just as the snap had shown. After a few months we got engaged and we are now looking forward to our wedding!

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