Impact of Technology Essay

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Impact of Technology

The unprecedented advancement in materialistic technology is setting consistently a wall of high mental affluence-which is inhibiting the parameters to show up in road to development.The rapid advancement in technology is directly proportional to the proliferating population of our very planet.People taking assistance of modern technology is significantly increasing at the moment.Now,we have already entered the era where electricity is indispensible.To live a normal life in modern days,the fuel-electricity and the machine-technology should be present simultaneously daily. Core reasons behind prioritizing modern education are too obvious to belabor-when it comes to development of a nation.Education is the ultimate wall of a nation building heavenward.The use of different technology in schools is now on the brink of becoming a fundamental necessity when starting a school anywhere.The vitality of technology in education is becoming more vivid in society contributing to the technology enterprises that are minting colossal deal of money through education.The new millennium has provided the medium where the technology and education have intersected and synthesized the now popular “modern education”.

The technology giants of the world are enlarging their establishments here in India knowing the fact that India holds the supremacy in the field of future of technology.Moreover,according to a recent article in Forbes India,it has stated that one third of Indian population is under the tender age of 14.We might wonder now,how much pressure do the inquisitive young minds are exerting on education that is still limited to only a certain part of the population.The government is trying to reach as much of population possible but there are still millions of children who aren’t able to avail the facility of schools and proper education.The central government allocated about 42,036crores for both schools and higher education sectors in the year 2010 which grew to 52,057crores last year according to Wikipedia. Pro-education culture is grasping the minds of people everywhere in such a significant fashion due to development.But The World Bank in 2o11 stated that,32.7% of Indian population still falls below the global poverty line that is 1.25 dollars income per day.what about them? The enormous sum of money spent in education still is scanty due to the large population of mother India.As per the CBSE,India still has a shortfall of about 200,000 schools.So,we can analyze that,due to the scanty economic capital,the no. of schools dramatically lag the actual demand.Not only economy is affecting the status quo of education but also the number of human resources who are educating the young citizens. Now talking about the existing schools,all of them are doing a marvelous job in imparting knowledge in young minds but I think that there are still many limitations of the classroom education.Architectural infrastructure of classrooms isn’t a big deal but what really matters is the education provided in classrooms.The biggest drawback of the classroom education is that,the students involved in learning are only exposed to the knowledge and ideas of limited faculty whereas in world,there are millions of brilliant minds.Second drawback is that,so as to set up a basic school,materialistic facility and human resource are must-present fundamental requirements.This makes education unavailable in rural areas spread across the vast geographical diversity in nation such as India.

Now,what is the best way to tackle the problems hovering the present,regarding education?I strongly feel that internet is the ultimate medium through which education should be made possible so as to reach far and beyond.Internet is a bottomless reservoir of information and this invention of mankind has made the physical barriers and distances so small.What is most extraordinary about the internet??It is constantly updated within short span of time.This leads to exposure of our mind to the latest information on topics of our own interest.As internet effortlessly seems to make our information obsolete every now and then,we also can access the information on web without difficulties. The telecommunication technology is rising everywhere.In India,according to Joshua Kim’s recent article featured in Forbes India,he has said that there are over 850million mobile subscribers in India and the number of subscribers is growing at the amazing rate of 10 million per month.From the particular growth in mobile phone users,we can naturally scrutinize the future of internet accessibility.The increase in mobile phones naturally accelerates the growth of telecommunication technology.As the mobile phones will be easily available,there surely will be a time where the internet connection will be among the default features of the phones.As the access to internet will get better and easier in times to come,they would become an indispensible part of our future lives. Using internet,we can connect with the world without difficulties.The effects of telecommunication technology on education system are best to be said limitless.Till now,collaboration of different universities from different parts of the world hasn’t been a widespread approach for sharing knowledge.This was due to the fact of great physical distances and also due to being unaware about each other’s existence. Collaboration is the only way to complete each other’s deficiency and make education wholesome. Bringing Harvard,MIT and all other top universities to India is only through internet.If not internationally,collaboration can be done within our nation itself.If we try to amass all the knowledge of the contemporary human resources and make it digitally available,then surely,we can check the lack of human resources at a large extend.A live lecture on diseases in Delhi broadcasted in seven rural towns in Maharashtra…imagine the benefits! Now the prob

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