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Impact of Smartphone's on Society

This paper will discuss both the benefits and challenges of Smartphone usage has on Society.

I will discuss the Psychological and Social Impacts that smartphones have on adolescents and I will also discuss the benefits that Smartphones have for adolescents particularly in assisting in studies.

One of the biggest dangers of Smartphone usage amongst teenagers is that it can be linked to depression and suicidal behaviour. (Wood and Scott, 2016; Maras et al., 2015). Liu et al. (2015) a study conducted on children between the ages of 5-18 on-screen time established that as a result of children using digital media for 2 plus hours a day they were more likely to suffer from sleep disturbances which are known to pave the way for depressive symptoms and suicidal behaviour (Dombrovski et al.

, 2007). The authors also drew attention (Oshima et al., 2012; Lemola et al., 2015). Oshima et al. to the relationship between sleep disturbances and suicide and that these were likely to be connected to mobile phones dependency, frequent message sending and worry about not receiving messages, especially before bedtime.

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Teenagers are using smartphones for more applications texting, social media, watching videos, listening to music and much more. This has become a growing concern for Parents as many Teenagers are addicted to their smartphones. (Andreassen et al., 2016). Making this is an extremely scary statistic considering that Smartphones have become a technology that forms a part of daily life activities.

Consider the usage of smartphone within the classroom setting where students are able to audio record classes or screenshot photos of the board whilst in the classroom to allowing them to refer to at a later date; teachers are able to record lessons and upload to the internet/intranet for students to access at any given time.

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Source: Ng, 2014, p.17. the use of smartphones assists students with their learning by enabling students to access the internet. (Mokoena, 2012). Source: Ng, Hassan, Nor, & Malek, 2017, p.66 A posting by Concordia University of Portland Oregon (2016) emphasises that with proper school use of smartphones, students can learn in a way that makes them feel comfortable; enables students to be able to locate answers easily; access video and audio for aural learning which as a great way of learning for students not liking to read from a textbook.


Smartphones have made many daily things for students easy with being able to access learning materials from anywhere in the world, partake in lectures without being in the room and not feasible to remove smartphones from our lives, their usage is consuming a large part of our daily lives. It is clear that there are many serious health problems that have been associated with smartphone usage, including addiction, depression and suicidal behaviours. It appears that it may be beneficial to limit their usage.

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