Impact of Mass Media Essay

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Impact of Mass Media

Enculturation has undeniably been influenced by mass media. Meanwhile, enculturation is defined as “the gradual acceptance by a person or group of the standards and practices of another person or culture” (MSN Encarta Encyclopedia Online, 2009). Mass media, on the other hand, is the “technological means of sending information, ideas, opinion, etc. through the mass commuinication device to a diverse audience” (National Institute of Open Schooling, 2009). In changing and molding the culture, mass media has become an essential factor.

Due to the important influence of mass media in enculturation, both has inevitably become inseparable. Through mass media, communication and information dissemination has become more effective and swift. The information about one country is immediately transmitted to another place which will eventually influence that place. The influence of mass media, however, can be good or bad to young people. For example, the young people has also been assaulted with a series of conflicting messages that has relation to human decency, respect for others, and peaceful co-existence in one place through the power of mass media (Deci and Ryan).

It is also noteworthy that an artist can easily influence the culture of young people through the power of mass media. Britney Spears, for example, has been an icon in some other parts of the world. Her styles and songs were inculcated in the minds of young people and made others emulate her entirely. Furthermore, the impact on enculturation by the mass media have become stronger because of the techological innovations like the internet. People from other parts of the world has come to understand the lifestyles of others.

It has effectively eliminated physical, philosophical, religious, and political boundaries among nations. It can be noted that during the 9/11 attack, the world’s view about terrorists and terrorism have changed. Ramarkably, peaceful talks has also been possible among nations having different religious beliefs and government. Hence, mass media has been an effective means in shaping one’s own culture and the acceptance of other people’s culture.

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