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Impact of Managers and Leaders in Organizations on the Motivation of Employees Essay

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Any organization is always started with an elaborated target to fulfill based on arrangement and strategies to be applied in the performance of achieving those goals. Actually the objective, performance and the methodology in which the organization is set up and run, defines its kind and capability in relation to other organizations. Organization consists of staffs that are categorized depending on the duty performed and the responsibilities that are bestowed upon them.

In order to achieve success an organized system is essential which will involve a specified hierarchy which clearly positions each and every individual in relation to the capacity and the type of responsibilities.

Under this arrangement management and leadership are considered to be the key factors in accomplishing the targets. Management comprises duties that fully covers directly or indirectly the whole structure of the organization. It combines aspects like controlling all the operations of the company inclusive of planning events, strategic steps to be followed and even the necessary concepts that improves the organization.

Management is also involved in the overall organization of the available resources that are associated with the whole operation. Management determines the kind of employees working in an organization which is brought about by the coordination and leadership that is developed towards the employees. All the functions of management are carried out by the managers in the organization. Leadership and management are related terminologies and they are inseparable in the sense that managers also play the role of leadership. A leader focuses mostly on the directives to be followed by the employers in the effectiveness of their duties.

This is mostly done in an interactive method and understanding the factors that affect or hinder the achievements. Both managers and leaders play an important role in motivating their employees. Despite the fact that the employees may clearly understand their responsibilities and duties in the organization, fully desirable outcomes may be affected by lack of motivation. According to (Geary, D. C. (2005)) motivation is a key factor in influencing someone to desire to add extra effort to improve the work and achieve more than expected.

Through the coordination of mind motivation also promotes the inward generation of will power which alternatively has a considerable physical contribution to human body. Depending on the type of organization leaders and managers may apply different methods in motivating the employees. Some of the ways used by managers in motivation are like organizing functions which include honoring and rewarding specific employees following their best performance. This is a common method but it enhances the spirit of positive competition amongst the employees.

Satisfaction is another means applied by managers to motivate employees. A satisfied employee will have more will to work. Career and talents recognition which is mostly applied by leaders to appreciate their employees plays a part in motivating them. Leaders on the other hand recommend the promotion of hard working employees to the management which also motivates the employees. Some managers have introduced a systematic salary increase which may be annual or after a specified period. This does not necessary depend on the profit made by the company but on the period spent by the employee working in the company.

Bonuses and commissions on the other hand are sometimes measured against the benefits realized by the organization within a specified duration. These are among factors of motivating the employees. Following the performance and the leadership portrayed by the leader which is mostly done through leading examples, employees feel motivated and the admiration of copying the good examples of their leaders is enhanced. In an attempt to elaborate motivation and the effects, several theories have been put forward. In this paper few theories have been borrowed to expand further the contribution of motivation.

According to (Kahneman and Miller (1986)) Our human behavior will be more or less be influenced by the attitudes towards certain subjects, determinations and the capacity of attaining a specified responsibility will highly depend on the feeling of the inward drive. This is clearly elaborated in the attitude-behavior consistency theory. Leaders attempt to learn the attitude of their employee through the interaction and knowing their behaviors in which they often know or decide on the way to motivate them. They also have the responsibility in influencing their employee’s attitude may be towards the organizations strategies.

Consistency theory of motivation attempts to elaborate that individuals mostly achieve their motives through distinguished coordination of the willingness and the capability to perform. Employees will always feel motivated under the circumstances in which leaders and managers create a conducive environment for them to integrate their capability led by the will to perform these responsibilities. According to (Milgram, S. , 1983) a considerable situation of the capability of the employee is essential to be applied by the managers in order to clearly understand and develop the right methods in motivating the employees.

According to (Adams, J. Stacey, 1965), another theory of motivation is the equity theory. This theory dwells mostly as the appreciation done to the employees through the rewards. Considerations are always important in the determination of the employees who may be rewarded according to their contribution. It’s common that rewards differ according to the quantified duties well done by the individual employee or a group. Satisfaction of the employees is always determined by the reward attained as deserved. De-motivation is likely to occur if the distribution of rewards does not match with the effort applied in the achievements.

Expectancy theory clearly defines a reason which contributes to the motivation of employees. According to (Deci, E. L. & Ryan, R. M. , 1991) either on the reliance on the previous experience in the organization or through the organization procedure, the employee will add a lot of effort in relation to the reward expected. In other words employees may improve greatly on their duties under the influence of the targeted reward which they expect to get after achieving their goals. Similar to expectations of the management towards achievements of the organizational goals, employees expects the full support from the management.

This can be brought about by the keen consideration of the responsibility of the employees as previously discussed employees will aim at fulfilling their duties following the attention from the management and leaders who have the responsibility of giving correct directives. motivated employees will therefore feel to be fairly treated after being rewarded from their effort according to how much they achieved. This will therefore combine and relate equity theory and expectancy theory of motivation as discussed.

Following the fact that success is among the most important goal in an organization, it is important for managers and leaders to subject their efforts in order to achieve it. In order to attain success they have to depend on their employees. In other words the performance of the employees will therefore depend on the management and leadership in the organization. One of the impacts of motivation to employees is the increase in productivity. Right motivation from the managers and leaders will cause the employees to be more active and potential which will be implemented in their duties.

Motivation from the managers to their employees has also been associated with the expansion and the growth of the organization. Motivated employees will always do a quality job which can have a distinguished difference when compared with the competitors. In such a situation the intended or the targeted client will focus more on that specific organization and in return the growth of the organization will be realized. Positively motivated employee will be more innovative and they will be able to contribute to the teamwork in an organization hence minimizing the unexpected pull back which may be brought about by the lack of cooperation.

Creativity will also be enhanced and this will contribute a lot in coming up with the new ideas. Sustainability of employees has been a difficult and a challenge to many organizations. This is brought about by the fact that employees need satisfaction while undertaking their duties. Managers in collaboration with leaders successfully overcome the challenges of employee sustainability through positive motivation to their employees and they eventually find that they critically reduce the level of day to day recruitment of new staff to replace the ones who have resigned.

This will also improve the work that is done due to the experience gained by the employees they can comfortably and undoubtedly implement it. Motivated employees become devoted to their duties and responsibility in the organization thereby reducing the errors and careless mistakes which would reduce the credibility of the organization. Though it’s a complex exercise if the managers maximize on motivating their employees they will also in return contribute directly or indirectly to simplifying the manager’s duties of planning, controlling and coordinating the organization which is contrary to de-motivated employees.

The leaders on the other hand will have more room to improve their initiatives and efficiency. Irrespective of the type and the size of the organization, motivation to the employees stands to be a key factor in the achievement of goals. Considering example of institutes like universities, learning centers, production centers and others, It is through the aspect of motivation to the employees that their abilities attitudes and their interest can be utilized which will in return promote the organization name both locally and internationally.

In most parts of the world most organization has reportedly realized their goals through the hard work and coordination attributed to the employees. Following this good and improved performance there has always been a system of motivating the employees through the integrative and collaborative methods put forward by the managers and leaders. According to the chairman and chief executive officer of Coca-Cola Company Mr. Neville Isdell, the company has realized positive performance and success due to good and favorable conditions which of cause have been brought about by the cooperation of the employees and commitment.

This can otherwise be affected if the employees are de-motivated hence this is a good example of the impact of managers and leaders on the motivation of their employee. Conclusion In every organization, the concept of motivation by the managers and leaders to their employees has accounted to tremendous success to many organizations through the increased productivity of the organization, expansion and growth of the organization, satisfied and lively employees, minimization of errors and accidents and so on.

It has been noted also that there are several methods and ways in which the employees are motivated. It is therefore the responsibility of the leaders and mangers to fully involve themselves in practical consideration of the performance of their employee’s and the necessary improvements required. Motivation is a more complex exercise but the devotional strategies that may be applied by the leaders and managers are essential to achieve the positive outcomes.

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