Impact of Fear on People

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Fear has a huge impact on the way people think and the way they act. Take for instance, the fear people go through when they come in contact with a spider. People freeze up and do stuff that could be very irrational. A lot of people turn to brutally squishing the spider, when they could really just take it outside or gently smash it without beating it with your shoe. Some examples of this are Lord of the Flies, The Book Thief, and Why one third of parents avoid reading their children scary stories.

The impact fear has on people can be seen in situations such as getting stranded on an island, losing a loved one, and reading scary books.

In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the author explores the theme impact of fear in which the story shows how fear makes people do irrational things. For instance, Ralph in chapter 12 illustrates this idea by how “he forgot his wounds, his hunger and thirst, and became fear; hopeless fear on flying feat, rushing through the forest toward the open beach” (Golding 184).

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This quote can be interpreted to mean that Ralph was so scared and in a rush that he forgot everything going on within him. The theme of fear is also present in the story when Jack says, “fear can’t hurt you anymore than a dream. There aren’t any beasts to be afraid of on this island…”(Golding 79). Jack is in fact wrong because fear can hurt people and there are beasts on the island, in other terms they are the beasts themselves and fear each other.

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Another example is novel where a little girl goes through many struggles.

In the story The Book Thief, examples of how fear can affect people is also present.One event that shows this theme is when “Every night, Liesel would nightmare”(Zusak 36). This shows the theme because the thought of her brother that had passed away terrifies her and she can’t control them but, they also bring her a bit closer to him. Another place in this story that shows the impact of fear is, “Her breathing calmed and a stray yellow trickled down her face” (Zusak 99). In this scene, the theme is shown because Leisel is terribly beaten by her foster mother, Rosa, after stealing her wash in order to by a postage to send letters to her mother. After her beating she laid under the table realizing that she would most likely never hear from her mother and laid there in terror because of being beaten. As well as being in terror of being in beaten, the impact of fear is also shown when scary stories are introduced to children.

As well as Lord of The Flies and The Book Thief, the theme of impact of fear is also present in a recent study that shows how one third of parents avoid reading scary stories because they believe that the characters are to frightening for the kids. But. recent studies show that the story that being frightened by the story “helps forge resilience”(Kenny). As the kids get older they will into situations and knowing how to confront fear is a good resource to have. It is also said that “Risk and fear are something we need in childhood”(Kenny). How will the children know what it’s like to be safe if they were never in a situation when they were afraid. These scary stories being introduced to kids can help them tell the difference between good and evil as well as coping with difficult situations.

In conclusion, fear is shown in many situations including getting stranded on an island, losing a loved one, and even scary stories for kids. The impact of the fear put in place can cause people to do bad things such as going tirade for something unreasonable or being in terror of getting beaten. However, impact of fear could also be something good such as, learning the difference between good and evil and coping with difficult situations in the future. Although fear can be a scary thing it shouldn’t always be thought of as something bad. All these examples blend together because they prove that the impact of fear can not only be bad but, can also result in good.

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