Impact of Extracurricular for Student Achievement


Nowadays, education development is highly develope, especially in activities held by each school. Students are not only require to focus on learning activities but also can develope their abilities on extracurricular. Many schools involve their students to take a part in school activity. ‘Extracurricular activity is any structured, school sponsored activity that falls outside of the normal schoolday. The activities are limited to non-credit sports teams and organizations’ (Conners-Harris, 1999 as cited in Maser, 2007). The Exracurricular are to improve student achievement in academics or non-academic.

Besides that extracurricular can utilize of students’ free time. There are many activities in extracurricular, the students can choose activities that suit in their interests and talents. An Extracurricular also can make improve students’ achievement. Students achievement is the main point in outcomes. That’s why an extracurricular is important for students. The teacher involvement is important to develope an extracurricular because they known their students’ abilities. So, they can develope their talents well. Extracurricular activities should fulfill students’ intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, informative, technical and fitness needs (Tomić, 2011:61).

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Many students have a good achievement through extracurricular. Sometimes there are the students who lack of ability in academic, and then they joined a non-academic extracurricular, and they have a good achievement in there because that’s their talents. That can increase their motivation to learn more best. The effort of teacher to increase the students’ achievement is important. How the teachers’ role in the learning process at school activities also determines. The students who take extracurricular usually have a high anthusiasm for learning, and have a competitive nature in learning.

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They also usually active in learning process, have a good communication with others, and have a high confidence. Therefore, many schools held a programs that the students must join an extracurricular. With the achievements they got, it makes the students want to do the best in every activities. This is also very beneficial for school because they can involve in every school activities, and make the school name is good. Through extracurricular students can more active to delevope their creativity and have a target for the future. They can developed all of their abilities, such as communication skills, critical thinking, and competencies.

In extracurricular also can make the students discover their talent. Sometimes, there are students who do not their interest and talent. So with they join extracurricular, they can find what their interest and talent. They can find their identify. And can get the achievement from that. They can developed their skill maximally. They can cherish what they have done. They learn how to achieve maximum goals. And have a quality time to fill the free time. Extracurricular activities, through communication, allow students to apply knowledge they have gathered at classes and to adopt terms of democratic living (Lunnenburg 2010:2).

And the questions that we got from this research are:

  1. How much extracurricular impact the students achievement?
  2. What are the causes of students acvhievement which is related to impact the extracurricular?

Previous Studies

Participation in school-based extracurricular activities like sports, the arts, and academic clubs, provides opportunities for student growth both educationally and developmentally (Mahoney et al., 2006). It has been proven that the students who join extracurricular have a good relationsip between the students and the final score. The students who join extracurricular can get a good score, and had a plus compare to friends who do not join extracurricular. The literature also reveals that participation in extracurricular activities has a positive impact on psychological factors related to academic attitude and behavioral outcomes, such as academic persistence (Hanson & Kraus, 1998; Marsh & Kleitman, 2002). The basic for choose the extracurricular is to choose a right activities, choose based on your interest. Extracurricular at school shade by the teachers, the teacher must be respect with students’ abilities and directing their students. The extracurricular give the big impact for students, because the student become more directed. They learned about time management, consistant, learning process. In Mahoney et al. (2006), the recent national survey showed that more than 80% of children and youth participated in extracurricular contexts (Mahoney et al., 2006). Nowadays, many students choose to join an extracurricular at their school because their school also gave some kind of extracurricular that can choose and followed. Many schools gave the facilities to develop extracurricular. There are facilities for extracurricular make the students can increase their skill maximally. Every single that they need is available at their school. It makes students have high anthusiasm to joined extracurricular. And it can increase students’ creativity more high. With the holding of extracurricular activities, indirectly student achievement also increases, both in academic and non-academic. Participating in extracurricular activities gives adolescents the opportunity to develop an extended support network of peers and of adults who serve as mentors (Darling et al., 2005; Eccles & Barber, 1999; Feldman & Matjasko, 2005). With joined extracurricular gave the big impact for student, they can face a new people and have a relation among them, can be used as a job in the future, able to have abilities that other people do not necessarily have. For students at risk for academic delay or who struggle with the academic demands of the classroom, extracurricular involvement may offer a place where they can develop important skills and be recognized for successes other than traditional academic achievement (Feldman & Matjasko, 2005). Sometimes there are students had more skill in non-academic, so with extracurricular they can developed it and got an achievement from that. Extracurricular that are usually held are athletic extracurricular activities and academic extracurricular activies. The athletic extracurricular activities that usually choose by the students because it more fun and different with classroom activities. That extracurricular also can make increases in school attendance, academic outcomes, and self-esteem. For academic extracurricular activities is choose by students who had an interest in academic. For this activities students can got more academically and have more critical thingking. The students who joined in academic extracurricular activities more have academically performance in classroom, they more superior in every subjects. They also can get the point of learning materials quickly. The extracurricular gae the positive impact for students.

The students who join extracurricular have a high motivation for the future, so they can get high achievement also. They have a decision for the future, what they will do in the future. They also have a target, so they must increase their skill maximally to reach the target. For some students achievement motivation is important because they need to open their mind if extracurricular is not a burden, and to know what steps they have to do to get the high achievement. According to Shah (2006) say that student achievement is influence by at least three factors: 1) internal factors, which include the state of physical and spiritual students, 2) external factors are the environmental conditions around the students, and 3) factors approach to learning that is the type of student learning effort that includes strategies and methods that students use to conduct study the lesson materials. The students who join extracurricular have a high creativity, and the creativity is important for everyone. Maintaining the creativity in school environment is one of the most important tasks of modern school, which must primarily prioritize children’s needs, but at the same time the needs of a modern society where at the creativity represent main foundation of progress (Bognar, 2004:269). Because the extracurricular make students have a quality time when they were in free time, so the main goal is every school include as many students as possible to join extracurricular. There are some school that hold a duty extracurricular for their students, so the students are require to participate in that activity as an introduction to extracurricular. Extracurricular activities have to support by the students, the students who wants to contribute in that activity. The important things of extracurricular activities are the activities of the students, all of the students activities. Extracurricular also as part of the school process, a part of learning process. So, extracurricular activities have an impact to students achievement in the future. Especially if the teachers also help to develope an extracurricular activities, it makes the students more directing and more communicative. Because sometimes there are students do not confidence with themselves, and need suggestion what extracurricular they have to choose and increase the students’ competencies. Eccles and Gootman (2002) and Holland and Andres (1987), also stated there is an increasing awareness that participation in organized activity contexts offers valuable opportunities for growth and positive youth development. The literature also reveals that participation in extracurricular activities has a positive impact on psychological factors related to academic attitude and behavioral outcomes, such as academic persistence (Hanson & Kraus, 1998; Marsh & Kleitman, 2002). The extracurricular activities usually make the students had a popularity, that’s one of the impact of extracurricular activities. The students who active in extracurricular activities will be known and getting closer with the teacher. And if students who active in athletic extracurricular activities get award from their competitions, usually they get the trophy. And then the trophy will put in their school. Necessarily, it makes students motivation and confidence’s appear. They also have their list to do for next event to get echievement or will win again. Therefore, it makes students have the positive competitive nature. And always respect with their learning process. The students who get a lot of achievements, they will learn from their experiences for getting better. Like an athletic extracurricular activities, the academic extracurricular activities also like that. The students always do the experiment to developed their knowledge. They always try the new thing to get the new knowledge. It makes the students always have a critical thinking. They can show the result of experiment to other people. That’s make students get the high academically performance, can give an inspiration for they who do not activive in extracurricular activities. They can motivate their friend to join in extracurricular activities, and they have high motivation for getting better, and always try a new things. From their experiments can make the teacher respect to them. The teacher have an good impression to them, and regard as diligent students. In the class, they more active and confidence to speaks in front of many people. And they have a logical thinking and directing. Usually they can easy to get the point of the subject materials. They also have a good communication with other people because they know how to speak well. It makes they can easily accepted with others.



This qualitative study uses pre-experimental design one shoot case study to know the impact that students got while they joined an extracurricular. The first, some of students used as sample. Observe the differences between students who joined extracurricular activities and students who did not. After that, observe the changes among them, are they get the impact from extracurricular activities or not. The changes of students can from the attendance, attitude, creativity or their knowledge.

Population and Sample

This experiment use sample the eleventh grade students. The students are they who joined extracurricular activities and not.

Data Collection and Data Analysis

The data is collected by interview after the students. And the participants devided into 2 groups, there are students who joined extracurricular activities and who did not joined extracurricular activities. They said what their change if they joined extracurricular activities and if they did not joined extracurricular activities, what’s if their joined extracurricular activities impact for their achievement or the other hand.

The data analysis by using descriptive text, the questions are given include all of aspect of impact students achievement if they joined extracurricular activities. There are two independent variables, students echievement and extracurricular activities.

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