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I understand culture as a treasure of our collective memory, of our perception of our selves.


Culture is a call for individuals to agree upon some common values that bind them in harmony .culture is us, we make it, we shape it, as we love it to be .Every culture has different traits, values and believes are different and diverse. Such as Pakistani’s culture is entirely different from other countries culture. But at present time of the 20th century Pakistani people start following foreign countries culture like in case of wedding functions they do not follow the way of traditions of our grandparents, They follow that traditions which they make themselves or to adopt from other cultures .

Everything had changed day by day with new advancement and technologies. I agree with the object that progression of technologies is beneficial for us because it make the travelling of hours into minutes, money transferring within seconds, like that type of things which makes the life easy but on the other hand they critically effect and sluggishly remove the customs and traditions of our culture in society.

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What are the first thing most people do is snoozing their way from night sleep turn off your alarm and check it cell phone most of the time with one movement. The cell phone is one of the most used advancement in technology today Cell have come a very long ways in terms of advancement. . I am think world the pig challenging with future for me is gone a be weather we become system solve driven by part of system the updates pleepers, linkers, stimulator weather where fundamentally social souls and the actually we live life .

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I am also value has cooperate what we do with relationship,friendship,respect,none of which comes from technology .Technology may help it because I was come from technology .We work 10 to 15 hours a day because we can communicate on e-mails ,twitter ,social media through our friends and technology. Lots of technologies which is coming in probligantly to displace human activities .The riser artificial intelligence machines could fundamentally disrupt clerical jobs ,white color and previously professional jobs .So you can this sense you are moving very fast but are you actually making progress and so the sense that actually to achieve anything creative you need a lots of time basically you need interrupted time .You can verify because in develop and actually more and more .Well I have a suit of braken of little bits time or because of little things with all these pleeps and alerts things reminding us to do things and that a symptoms of this feeling that you can be busy but unefficient for a long time technology has been a through for us picked up and used now it’s much more technologies come framework in to which we find out ourselves am trying to make sense my life.

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