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Impact of Culture and The Real Filipino

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (416 words)
Categories: Culture, Life Goals And Achievements, Marriage, Poverty, Pregnancy And Childbirth, Society
Downloads: 22
Views: 164
  1. Filipinos are real filipinos “Paliguan mo man ang baboy, sa putikan pa rin tatampisaw. ” it is stated in the selection where is the patis that filipinos love to travel. they want to fill their senses with the sights of other countries however no matter how passionate they are, it is innate in them they are filipinos. the selection only stated about their palate but being filipino is much more than that. unlike americans, filipinos have close family ties, unlike china, they value the freedom of everyone and the list goes on.

    No matter where we are, others will still see the filipino within us. One example of this are the OFW’s. They always try to find places where filipinos gather.

  2. Filipinos are subject to early marriage “Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi biro, ‘di tulad ng kanin, Iluluwa lung mapaso” “Ang taong nagigipit, sa patalim kumakapit” last time our fellow classmates talk about this trait of the filipinos.

    they said that the reason for this is that people of today are generally curious and due to this, they experiment. this impregnated the girl in unsuitable age, then the man was forced to marry the woman. the above reason is correct but let me add another reason for this.

First let me ask you this, it is sure that almost all of the filipinos know that early pregnancy and marriage does not lead to a good future but why do still these things occur? the answer is poverty. as we look into the selection “footnote to youth”, we can see that Dodong is just a farmer and as we all know that this occupation does not give that much profit. and we can also infer that dodong himself has no ability to study in college. if we try to put ourselves in the shoes of dodong, we might be able to visualize how hard it is for him to be in that situation.

He may be thinking that no matter how hard he would work, there would be no chance of elevating his status in life. If a person is depressed, one thing that he would do is to find happiness and as we all know, love is one cause of joy. This pushes dodong to marry teang not considering the consequences. There are many filipinos that are like dodong for example, the squatters. They have no contentment because of their situation and that causes them to find something worthwhile. And this is what they find, another problem.

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