Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior Essay

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Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior

Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior

Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior Muhammad Ehsan Malik, Muhammad 1 2 Mudasar Ghafoor, 3Hafiz Kashif Iqbal, 4Qasim Ali, 4Hira Hunbal, 4Muhammad Noman and 4Bilal Ahmad

1Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Dean Economics and Management Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 2School of Business, University of Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom 3School of Business and Economics, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan 4Department of Business Administration, University of the Punjab Gujranwala Campus, Pakistan Submitted: Apr 27, 2013; Accepted: Jun 3, 2013; Published: Jun 20, 2013 Abstract: Brand image and advertisement play a crucial role to boost up any business performance as brand image is an implied tool which can positively change people’s buying behaviors and advertisement is behaving as a driving force for any business as it’s an effective source to convey your message and stay in customer’s mind.

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of brand image and advertisement on consumer buying behavior in the general public at Gujranwala city. Questionnaire survey was used to collect the data by using non probability convenient sampling technique. A sample of 200 questionnaires was used in which 175 responses were collected within the period of one month. Findings show that brand image and advertisement have strong positive influence and significant relationship with Consumer buying behavior. People perceive the brand image with positive attitude. Study depicted that teenagers in Gujranwala are more conscious about their social status so they prefer branded products and advertisement affects their Consumer Buying Behavior positively. In the last of article limitations of research, implications and suggestions for further research also included.

Key words: Brand image Advertisement Consumer Buying Behavior INTRODUCTION can build long term profitable relations with customers. People in our society are so conscious about their any business can positively affect the behaviors of status and they prefer to use branded products to show people regarding brand image, satisfaction and loyalty. off their status symbol.

Brand is considered as implied At present time in global and emerging markets device through which any business can attain the business war is not only on price but customer attraction, attraction of people and can enjoy the competitive edge. loyalty and relationship matters a lot. Companies are so In our local scenario it also considered as a valuable asset conscious about their customer’s satisfaction. for any business as it can change peoples’ buying Advertisement plays a crucial role for any business to behavior. It can play a vital role to expand any business. boost up its performance graph as it is a powerful strategy Brand image development is a long term process and it to attract your customers toward your product.

In can prove a strong weapon to fight with your competitors. Pakistan advertisement also becoming a driving force for Customers rely on branded products and mostly prefer to any business because it can force people to change their buy products with well known brand name. Marketing behavior regarding your product in positive sense. valuable strategies and tools can develop the brand of Advertisement is a dominant and leading weapon in all any product. If brand is managed in effective ways, a marketing tools due to its positive impact on consumers’ business can enjoy maximum number of customers and buying behavior. It’s an effective way to communicate Refine quality of products and social

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