Impact Assessment For A Malaysian Airport Project Environmental Sciences Essay

The first system to measure the environmental impact was developed by US in 1970, Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA ) has been used widely over the universe and it has become the most important tools in enforced any undertakings or be aftering procedure. Until now, about 55 states have get downing to utilize formal EIA system measuring, non merely that approximately 100 states have implement the EIA steps system ( Haklay et al. , 1998 ) . Compared to other states in this universe, Malaysia has been the top states to accommodate with EIA.

As a cogent evidence Malaysia has develop the Environmental Quality Act 1974 in Third Malaysia Plan, Department of Environment and an Environmental Quality Council has been setup to smooth the planning procedure in the national degree. In Environment Quality Act 1984, subdivision 34A extended the environment impact assessment statute law ; nevertheless in 1986 the act amends that require appraisal for all private and public undertakings which may be hold high impact on the environment. Besides that, in 1998 EIA will be implemented as whole and made it compulsory to all the undertaking to be implemented ( Barroe, 1997 ) .

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Environmental assessment study intended to measure the environmental impacts of airdrome undertaking proposed by Janji Manis Corporation ( JMC ) to replace the new airdrome in Subang to Sepang, as what been stated in the JMC Development Plan to construct an airdrome in the capital metropolis of Malaysia in conformity to carry through the demands of the globalisation and demand of the market. Besides that, the current airdrome required to suit market demand for the airdrome with increasing Numberss of consumers, therefore new airdrome will be able to offers the demand of the users.

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However, harmonizing to the Department of Environment of Malaysia, any undertaking to be implemented must acquire the blessing from the section to guarantee that the undertaking would non be jeopardized the environment in airdrome undertaking country. Besides that, the undertaking besides must include all formalities needed such as giving briefing session to the abode of the topographic point involved, local councils, province authorization, bureaus and assorted environmental related people. For illustration giving account to the society in Sepang where the airdrome undertaking to be implemented. Besides that, there are several processs need to be completed before the determination to let the undertaking to be implement.

Among the processs involve are, preliminary appraisal, elaborate appraisal and reexamine assessment study. Where preliminary appraisal chief aims are to analyze the undertaking proposal and choose the best undertaking options which are available, secondly, place and incorporate into the undertaking readying to allow suspension and extenuating appropriate steps ; and to place of import remainders on the environmental impacts. Besides that, in 2nd process in fixing elaborate appraisal done by depicting the important abiding environmental impacts that were predicted from the concluding undertaking program prepared ; to stipulate the mitigating and the suspension steps needed in the concluding undertaking readying ; and place the costs on environment and the benefits can be obtain from the airdrome undertaking to the local community involved in order for critically reexamine the elaborate appraisal reports the stairss needed are by measuring the development and costs of the environmental and benefits of the concluding undertaking program to the society ; to explicate and urging and guidelines to the undertaking that been approved to the relevant authorization so that the undertaking can be implemented.

In the other manus, EIA requires detail analysis because of likely effects to the environment from the airdrome undertaking. EIAs require systematic analysis of the possible impacts, secondly the undertakings to be carried out with proposal of extenuation steps, thirdly, to acquire the item economic sciences rating of the impact and proposing the best option to be choose, and eventually be able to fix the environmental direction program.

The Procedure in Fixing EIA

Every EIA needs the Footings of Reference ( TOR ) which can be develop via scoping. The end product expected through scoping are:

Identify the chance impact on environment or other concerns on environment to be considered and besides necessitate to foster investigate from EIA study.

Identify constituents of the environment that need comprehensive survey.

Determine the right method and attack that appropriate in order to transport out EIA survey.

Identify the specific involvement that might be occur in audience before the EIA been carry out.

Identify the demand suitably in to EIA context particularly before the undertaking can be implemented.

The following measure of EIA analysis must follow the key of import activities of the airdrome undertaking:

Describing Environmental Condition of the New Airport Project Area

It is important to run the EIA survey by analyzing the baseline information about the country biophysical, societal and economic, and this will be the mention to the new airdrome undertaking. Therefore, harmonizing to the proposal of new airdrome in Sepang provide the appropriate information on the geology of the topographic point which largely the land that works thenar. Furthermore, the land is suited because its good construction of the dirt. Thus such country offers good potency to construct the new airdrome.

The location between the new airdrome country and Subang ( current ) location is 55.6 kilometres to south of Malaysia, and is bounded by Nilai Highway, Lekas Highway and Federal Highway that linking short distance and smooth manner to new airdrome location. Furthermore, the new airdrome location has some native leaf, described as oil thenar plantation, but most of the country is preponderantly vacant. Previously the country was busying Felda Corporation, nevertheless the land was good for commercial and development therefore it has been given the authorization to JMC to construct the new airdrome in that peculiar location. Besides that, until today there were no threatened of ecological was reported in that country by Department of Environment of Malaysia.

However, in order to prolong the environment the new airdrome undertaking will see the saving of environment, which preponderantly by prolonging the remainder of the land by palm plantation and the new airdrome will be build based on green engineering and will besides prolonging three chief elements of sustainable, that is environment, economic sciences and societal. Besides that, the located country besides suiting the harvest industry and the undertaking will deflect the home ground nevertheless it is believed that the home ground can be transferred to the nearest location near Tiroi and the country is believed holding important ability to put the home ground that need to be sustain.

Furthermore, the new airdrome location is located far off from lodging country and besides satellite country and this will guarantee that the location will non deflect the abode or society in Sepang. Additionally, this undertaking will be able to offer the local society of the economic development by offering occupations and transit development with good system and status of route and many facets that might effects the local life style or life chances.

Environmental Impacts Associated with the New Airport Project


The location of new airdrome is bounded by Federal Highway and surrounded by Jalan Utara and Jalan Semangat Bypass. The location can be entree via Federal Highway utilizing Nilai Exit, and all sort of vehicles, including semitrailers, commercial vehicles and level trucks will convey the stuff of building or the oil thenar industries transit. As an extra the nearest thenar plantation company has some limitation to be obeyed, due to limited use of Jalan Utara and Semangat including the span. Presently about 15,000 are vehicles utilizing the route manner along Jalan Utara and Jalan Semangat.

Besides that, harmonizing to Average weekday traffic flow 2008/09 has found that the mean sum of traffic throughout the peak hr ( 7:15 am to 8:15am ) was about 3,000 vehicles southbound, and 550 vehicles westbound. Furthermore, the common traffic rush for the midday extremum hours ( 5:10 autopsy to 6:15pm ) consists of approximately 590 vehicles southbound, and 790 vehicles westbound. Furthermore, JMC has never-say-die that the new airdrome will raise the traffic about 2.2 % ( 340 vehicles ) of present daily of the traffic on weekdays. Jalan Utara is a three lane wideway. As a consequences JMC has organize treatments with the local authorization for Malaysia Planning and Infrastructure ( MPI ) on the possibility of the street being upgraded to a four lane double roadway in the medium to long term.

The chief challenge for JMC is when the populace raised about the increased the jobs of traffic in the country. Particularly they are concern about the menace on the safety of their kids and neighboring community, and how do Jalan Utara to absorb the excess vehicles come to their country roadway. In other manus, JMC has planned to utilize the airdrome site from Jalan Utara. Both Jalan Utara and Jalan Semangat can merely keep the semi-trucks, and the licenses are obtained from the State Government of Negeri Embilan to allow Double-Big trucks on those peculiar roads. Jalan Utara besides has a large span ( Jalan Utarra Bridge ) in surplus of a gas produces which will necessitate to be upgraded if Double-Big trucks are to entree over the span. JMC has dedicated to confront the cost involve to upgrade the span if required to make so. JMC has suggested three diverse traffic fortunes in the MDP. Situation 1 is to ship on with no development on the roads, and use the semi-trailers for stuffs transit. Situation 2 is to obtain the necessary licenses, and better the span on Jalan Utara, to enable Double-Big trucks to come in the roads. Situation 3 is by obtaining licenses for Double-Big trucks to come in Jalan Utara, nevertheless they need to take a path that non utilizing the span. JMC of class prefers Situation 1 at this point. JMC besides has taken for action the public concerns in the MDP as follows:

The major concern for the kids is the western subdivision of Jalan Utara. JMC plans to originate truck drivers non to come in that portion of route ;

All route installing will be obeyed to the indorsement with the relevant right, and the figure of trips, transportation of services with any other issue will be integrated ; and

Natural stuffs of the undertakings will merely be elated between 6:10am and 6:10pm. Around 10 truck ( semi-trailers ) travels are likely to be used during peak times.


The new airdrome undertaking will necessitate JMC to upgrades the bing services that available, and besides to provide the new services that necessary. The undertaking country is located next to an bing gas processing of Petronas, and besides has entree to the electricity country. JMC promises to upgrade the electricity and heighten the country power supply, and besides to acquire entree to the gas production so that they will run into the demands of a airdrome building.

Area Sewage Treatment

The undertaking site is non acquiring serviced by sewer brinies to the local, and JMC has programs to put in a alimentary replace on-site intervention unit needed. Consultant for JMC has taken for action that:

aˆ? The system foremost must be able to keep the measure of waste generated, and may necessitate local council authorization and Health Department of Malaysia blessing ;

aˆ? A sewerage disposal country would be needed to be recognized and would besides necessitate to be at least 36m from the nearest bay

aˆ? Sewage disposal by utilizing irrigation would non be appropriate for location where the H2O tabular array is located or excessively close to the land surface system ;

aˆ? Blended dirts may be needed under the irrigated location in environmentally sensitive location and to forestall alimentary discharge to the groundwater system.

Disproportionate release of foods to the site could besides ensue in defect of waterways. JMC has non indicate up that issue in the MDP.


The location needed a ring cardinal portion to transport town H2O to the topographic point for fire-fighting. JMC explain that largely the H2O used in building will be sourced from excess and irk H2O, and besides depending on the available quality of the dullard H2O system. Besides that, ramp H2O drainage planned to be modified in order to roll up run-off from the cemented and roof location and it once more will so be transferred to a series of drainage topographic point available. JMC suggest re-using most of this H2O for building and dust control. Additionally, some of that used H2O may be spoiled with unwanted silt and clay, so JMC suggest run alonging the first apparatus H2O pool to forestall escape. BGC besides suggest working on an interceptor cavity in to thee handle remotion of any oil residues system, in the event if inadvertent spillage that might go on.


In other manus the populace concern was besides indicate up about the lighting on the location impacting to the vegetations and zoologies in the involve country, and residential countries nearby. JMC suggests concentrating the visible radiations on the traffic topographic point of the work country nearby. JMC besides plans to place extra outside illuming so that will guarantee it will non blockade with the agreeableness of neighbours topographic point. All external lighting planned will be placed in integrity with the Malaysia Standard ( 1999 ) .


Airport building activities may do dust during land problem in involved country. However, this is non expected to be happen or a concern during the working stage of the building, as exterior countries will be impermeable, and restricted dust is expected to be generated by rigorous control. Therefore, public concerns raised the issue of dust from the undertaking. JMC has promised to minimise the dust by put in work the standard dust control measuring such as air current fence, hydro-mulching and spraying H2O.


Another facets need to be consider by JMC is noise degrees that will increases during the building of the new airdrome at the expected country. Besides that, heavy earthmoving tools, hauling of spoil and dewatering, will hold the possible to bring forth high volume of noise during the new airdrome building. Increased of noise will besides happen by the trucks and other equipment related such as forklifts during operation of the undertaking. However, public concerns of these issues have been raised particularly about the increased noise volume from equipment and trucks used. JMC program that all equipment will be maintained in good on the job status and with the standard noise silencers will be used to guarantee inordinate noise will non be generated. Furthermore, airdrome building activities will be merely occur during the on the job twenty-four hours, and all the trucks will merely be enter and go forth the involved country between 6.10am and 6.10pm during operations clip. JMC has besides promised to carry on the ambient noise monitoring system for every 3 months clip during working stage, and the yearly monitoring after normal operations originated.

Flora and Fauna


The location is mostly cleared of shrubbery. However, JMC suggest uncluttering the residuary balance works life on the 28ha country, with balance shrubbery being preserved on the planned margin and non development topographic point. The parts of the country will be widely re-vegetated with suited local species to give a ocular and resonance barrier of the undertaking. JMC besides states that the undertaking country has been acknowledged by MDP as a “ no precedence ” topographic point and wholly under the MDP Master Plan 2008 “ Priority43 and ‘No Priority ‘ topographic point will non publish to farther appraisal needed ” . The undertaking country, Sepang Oil Palm plantation and the next flora has besides been included into a Farm Forever country due its vegetations and fauna diverseness importance. Farm Forever is a Malaysia Government thought and “ identifies regionally of import farming area to be reserved and confined everlastingly ” . However, the public concerns have been once more indicate out about the effects of fluoride emanations on the shrubbery and the chance of loss of the Farm Forever country. The effects of fluoride emanations are taken to action in the portion Emissions. JMC has besides stated that Farm Forever is a Negeri Sembilan State based development instrument that is non steady with the Malaysia Master Planning procedure


There a figure of fauna studies have been done by DOE of Malaysia on Sepang land. DOE has officially recorded 159 species of craniates populating beings, but with merely a reasonably little sum happening in the undertaking country. Besides that, a figure of scheduled endangered species may be happening on the country. JMC besides states that prior to any glade is work on, JMC will responsible to carry on a reappraisal to place any related species, and take them from the country in concurrency with WWF rule. Harmonizing to EPBC Act 1999 JMC would necessitate to achieve a portion 15 license to relocate the listed species in any Commonwealth land states.

Air Emissions

Airport undertaking expected to breathe assorted scintillating pollutants into the location of the ambiance. Those pollutants stated include oxides of Nitrogen ( NOx ) , volatile organic compounds ( VOC ) , oxides of Carbon ( COx ) oxides of Sulphur ( SOx ) , Hydrogen Fluoride ( HF ) , and Hydrochloric Acid ( HCl ) . Normally emanations are created chiefly by the “ placing ” stage of airdrome undertaking working.

Health Impacts

‘Acid gases ‘ from brickworks have been associated with a figure of wellness impacts. The wellness impacts include antsy eyes and respiratory sensitiveness, peculiarly impacting asthmatics. Gaseous emanations could be peculiarly harmful to people with bing respiratory jobs. Health concerns about the bing brickworks in the Swan Valley have besides been raised in the yesteryear. The Middle Swan Primary School closed in 1989, after staff and pupils complained of nose, oculus, pharynx and tegument annoyances, nose bleeds and burned lips. Probes were undertaken to look at the emanations fro the nearby Midland Brickworks and the Swan District Hospital incinerator. High degrees of certain toxic emanations, such as H fluoride, sulfur dioxide and N oxides were found in the air, nevertheless no decision was drawn on the beginning of the contaminations. However, the Hospital incinerator was shut down and the school was subsequently moved. BGC states that all emanations will be within guidelines as shown by the modeling. BGC besides states that there was no proved direct grounds to associate brickwork emanations to the wellness ailments at Middle Swan Primary School. However, there have been legion studies of inauspicious wellness jobs around bing brickworks in the Swan Valley. Reported wellness jobs could be caused by short term one off events when emanations have exceeded guideline degrees. BGC has provided a wellness hazard appraisal from Bench Mark Toxicological Services. That appraisal is based on the background degrees of ambient air at Caversham, which is 5-6km from the Perth Airport. A Hazard Index ( HI ) was calculated based on the amount of Health Quotient ( HQ ) for each pollutant. The HI is used to find the hazard of cumulative effects of different pollutants. The entry of the Government of Western Australia provided remarks on the wellness impacts from the Department of Health ( DoH ) . The WA DoH states that HCl, PM10 ( particulate affair ) and NO2 18 estimations of land degree concentrations ( GLC ) may add to the current GLC and increase concentrations above guidelines ensuing in inauspicious impacts. The WA DoH states that “ these substances can all hold a respiratory system impact and the effects may be cumulative ” . The WA DoH besides states that the estimated HI of 0.4 for the proposed works, 1.09 for the cumulative impact of BGC ‘s proposal, and the current back land estimation would non be unimportant, as the pollutants in inquiry are respiratory thorns. The WA DoH states “ Additions in respiratory morbidity, including infirmary admittances, peculiarly in asthmatics, are likely at guideline values of these substances and are a possible impact of the works as proposed ” . DoH states it can non reason on the wellness impacts without more information. In response to the WA DoH remarks, BGC contracted Golder Associates Pty Ltd to describe on extra information and elucidation sing wellness hazard appraisal. The study states that utilizing HI and HQ is common pattern, and is a conservative attack that tends to overrate the hazard, and if HQ is greater so 1 it should be reviewed farther. BGC besides inquiries some of the figures used by DoH to come to its decisions, and provinces that figures used in the BenchMark Toxicology Services survey are derived from the highest background concentrations which occurred on different yearss. However, as noted above, this analysis is chiefly derived from information from Caversham, instead than the airdrome site.

The WA DoE Brickworks Licensing Policy ( 2003 ) was undertaken to turn to public concerns about wellness impacts of emanations from the bing brickworks. It states: “ It is clear from the weight of grounds over many old ages that exposure to acid gas emanations ( largely HCl, with some parts from HF and SO2 ) have caused incontrovertible inauspicious wellness effects, chiefly antsy eyes and respiratory sensitiveness ” ( Page 1 ) . The policy paper discusses the assorted factors considered in finding ambient air quality criterions for ‘acid gases, and formulated guidelines for stack emanations to turn to them ( listed under subdivision 4.65 Emissions ) . Public concerns have been raised that there are presently wellness jobs due to emanations from bing brickworks, and that building of new brickworks will add to the pollutant burden. The bing pollutant burden will be expected to fall when the DoE Brickworks policy on cut downing stack emanations is to the full implemented.

Management, Monitoring and Compliance

An of import component in finding the acceptableness of a proposal is the ability to foretell and pull off impacts with assurance. Management of the proposal needs to happen in both the building and operational stage. During the building stage of this proposal, standard building direction steps are expected to be able to adequately turn to any environmental impacts, as those impacts can be predicted with assurance. However, the operational stage is much more debatable as evidenced by the DoE Brickworks Licensing Policy ( 2003 ) which found assorted lacks in the monitoring and ordinance of the operations of other Perth brickworks. There are uncertainnesss on the operational side of this proposal peculiarly with respect to the new mass balance attack to guaranting acceptable degrees of emanations. These uncertainnesss are exacerbated by the fact that the beginning and features of inputs to the procedure have non yet been finalised. A figure of public entries have raised concerns about whether the proposed installation can be managed with the needed grade of cogency. The DoE Brickworks Licensing Policy ( 2003 ) highlights the fact that a sound conformity government can be hard to administrate even for a authorities section with expertness and resources to pull off industrial installations. The DoE Brickworks Licensing Policy ( 2003 ) has proposed new methods of regulation and monitoring conformity. This raises regulative challenges for DoE, and it may take some clip before it acquires the expertness and apprehension of the industrial procedures to be confident that it will accomplish ongoing conformity. An adaptative direction attack will about surely be indispensable in accomplishing on-going conformity given the uncertainnesss involved. BGC states that there are equal regulative systems in topographic point to pull off the brickworks installation. It states that this can be done through the demands of the Airports Act 1996, and through renting agreements with WAC. Regulation through Government statute law is by and large required for industrial installations such as the brickworks. Appropriate expertness and demands to modulate industrial installations by and large include stop work commissariats, the ability to carry on random auditing and testing of emanations, and an apprehension of chemical and technology procedures when developing processs to measure a mass balance attack. The proposal to modulate the brickworks on Perth Airport is slightly different from current commercial airdrome developments, and presents new regulative challenges for the Department of Transport and Regional Services. WAC has besides stated that it can modulate the proposal through renting agreements. However the ordinance of such activities through rentals with private companies presents new challenges. WAC has flagged the possibility of undertaking DoE to turn to the deficiency of regulative experience in covering with industrial installations. However WAC itself is non capable to the same legislative demands as authorities, with regard to public transparence and answerability.

Deparmental Summary on the Airport Project

The followers is a sum-up of the Departmental positions noted above:

aˆ? The traffic option scenario 1 ‘ will ensue in a limited impact on residential countries provided trucks do non utilize the eastern subdivision of Kalamunda Road.

aˆ? Standard direction steps can turn to the environmental impacts of upgrading and put ining services such as sewerage, power, H2O and lighting.

aˆ? The Western Australian Department of the Environment developed the Brickworks Licensing Policy 2003 to turn to the inauspicious environmental impacts of bing and future brickworks, and the Western Australian Government claims that the proposal is inconsistent with its planning policies. Given those factors and the public concern about the proposal, the proficient surveies provided to day of the month are non considered equal to turn to possible impacts. The issue of other losingss of agreeableness, such as house values is a affair of opinion for the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, as the WA EPA buffer policy was non formulated to turn to those peculiar public concerns.

aˆ? Standard direction steps can turn to the environmental impacts on sites with Aboriginal Heritage values

aˆ? Standard direction steps can turn to the environmental impacts from dust.

aˆ? Standard direction steps can turn to the environmental impacts from noise.

aˆ? Standard direction steps can turn to the environmental impacts that may originate from alterations to hydrology.

aˆ? No impacts should happen to Munday Swamp if groundwater and surface H2O flows off from the site.

aˆ? No studies were conducted on the site late to measure the value of the remnant flora, or its usage by listed threatened species. Therefore whilst the site is degraded, no decision can be drawn by the Department on the importance of the site for listed threatened species, or other species. BGC has non proposed any extenuation measures other so translocation.

aˆ? Whilst a decision can be drawn that it is possible to restrict ‘acid gas ‘ emanations by taking peculiar types of clay, BGC has non demonstrated that it will be able to entree that clay, or provided item on the necessary demands of the chemical composing of the clay to run into that aim.

aˆ? BGC provinces that the proposal meets the safety demands of Air Services, and the stack tallness meets the guidelines of the US EPA. Emission degrees of the proposal are farther discussed in subdivision 4.65.

aˆ? The proposed scrubber engineering has non been used in WA, and the inside informations of how the system will be managed have non been provided. The proficient information provided to day of the month indicates that it is possible to accomplish the proposed emanation bounds, nevertheless BGC has non provided sufficient item on whether the proposal is likely to run into the proposed stack emanation bounds.

aˆ? BGC has undertaken patterning on air emanations utilizing the best available information.

However no ambient air quality informations on the several pollutants was available for the proposed brickworks site. Past experience in the DoE Review of Existing Swan Valley Brickworks demonstrates that patterning must be interpreted with cautiousness. Given the lacks noted, the Department is non satisfied that the information provided to day of the month is sufficiently strict to reason that the modeling addresses air quality concerns.

aˆ? The proposed mass balance system to modulate conformity basically relies on an adaptative direction attack of working through issues over a period of clip to make the needed aim. It might take a several old ages to implement and analyze whether the mass balance attack is successful. Given the iterative nature of the adaptative direction attack, the

Department is unable to reason whether the proposed attack to supervising emanation bounds is likely to be successful, until the DoE has to the full implemented the mass balance attack for other brickworks. Therefore, the Department recommends that this uncertainness be resolved before the proposed brickworks.

aˆ? The building of the BGC brickworks will add to the bing pollutant burden, until the bing brickworks cut down their emanations. Although BGC claims to hold addressed the hazards of the cumulative impacts from pollutants, uncertainnesss with regard to local pollutant tonss and the effectivity of proposed extenuation steps mentioned earlier, raises uncertainties about whether the BGC appraisal accurately addresses the hazards to public wellness. There is besides uncertainness about the rate at which bing brickworks will be able to cut down emanations. Therefore the Department can non be confident that the proposal will non ensue in inauspicious wellness impacts, if merely because of the uncertainness about the bing pollutant burden and the velocity with which bing brickworks will cut down their emanations.

aˆ? Standard direction steps can turn to the environmental impacts from smell.

aˆ? The proposal will necessitate a greater regulative engagement than normal airdrome developments.

Regulative staff with appropriate expertness related to brickworks operations and with the capacity to step in in those operations, if necessary, will be indispensable in supplying assurance that an adaptative direction attack can ensue in a sound conformity government.

The adequateness of the bing regulative powers under the Airports Act 1996, and the expertness of the Department of Transport and Regional Services to modulate such activities, is a affair for the Minister for Transport and Regional Services to see when he decides on the acceptableness of the proposal.


This proposal has raised important public concerns during the public reappraisal period. The Department notes that the engineerings proposed for the installation have non been antecedently used in WA ; that cardinal elements of the proposal such as the beginning and features of clay to be used in the procedure are yet to be determined ; and the proposed steps to set up and supervise conformity have non been to the full. fleshed out or tested in WA. Therefore, this proposal presents a scope of challenges and uncertainnesss that have non been resolved.

This state of affairs could potentially be settled through an adaptative direction attack to ordinance, whereby clear results and aims can be set and direction attacks adjusted over clip on the footing of experience. This attack requires a close working relationship between regulator and advocate with the capacity for the regulator to step in, rapidly if necessary, if the desired results are non being achieved. An equal audit or monitoring function is indispensable for successful adaptative direction.

Whilst WAC and BGC are confident that the proposed installation should non adversely impact on the environment and that an equal regulative government is in topographic point through the demands of the Airports Act, it is ill-defined to the Department, whether ordinance through renting agreements, would be sufficiently pro-active to turn to possible failures to accomplish desired results and aims. Give the public concerns about the proposal, such concern is improbable to give comfort to local occupants. The Department supports the proposal by WAC to contract DoE to turn to their deficiency of regulative experience in covering with industrial installations such as brickworks. However, any such catching would necessitate to include a clear and lawfully enforceable mechanism for DoE to take appropriate regulative action should it be required. The Department considers that the proposal should merely continue if a figure of uncertainnesss are clarified to the satisfaction of the Australian Government, viz. ;

i. a strict regulative government is in topographic point to guarantee that the proposal meets the criterions set out in the assessment certification prepared by the advocate and that speedy and effectual remedial action will be taken should that turn out non to be the instance ;

two. the advocate should show that it will hold entree to clay, the chemical composing of which will enable it to run into the desired emanation marks ;

three. the advocate should supply proficient inside informations of how the proposed scrubber system can accomplish the coveted emanations bounds ;

four. the advocate should set about farther probes, including obtaining ambient air quality informations, to better its emanations patterning sufficiently to satisfactorily address air choice concerns ; and

v. the advocate should set about to transport out other activities recommended by the Department such as monitoring of its alimentary intervention works and studies prior to any flora clearance.

Stairss in reappraisal EIA


Conrad Douglas and Associates: Natural Resources Conservation Authority Guidelines for the Preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment – Draft, September 29, 1993.

Environmental Conservation Department, 2001: Handbook for Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA ) in Sabah. February 2001.

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Y. J. Ahmad and G. K. Sammy: Guidelines to Environmental Impact Assessment in Developing Countries UNEP Regional Seas Reports and Studies No. 85, UNEP, 1987.

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