Impact and Consequences of Pornography

How often do you think a young people go through pornography? How much time he/she spend in pornography? Have you ever thought that pornography is an anti-social activity? Should pornography be allowed in the society’s? These are the inquiry that people are looked with when considering about Pornography. According to Pornography on Page 37, “Pornography is an emotional issue that may sometimes conflicts with peoples’ sense of decency, religious views, or idea of personal freedom.” Also, some people think Pornography should be allowed because it give awareness to people about sex education which require for better relationship.

But it is not the best idea, it is very harmful for our society. Pornography should not be allowed because it leads to violence and crime, decreases morality and affect the health. Pornography is the mixture of filmography or photography of sexual behavior which give emotional pleasure and stimulus sex feelings of a human.

According to Pornography, on page 18, “…Pornography comes from the Greek word ‘Pornographos’ which interpreted means to describe prostitute and their trade…the word “pornography” is used as general word to cover everything from soft-core “erotica” …to sexually graphic, “hard-core” porn.

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” Pornography can be represented by the mode of articles, painting, drawing, phone calls etc. According to ‘Pornography’, “In Stanley v. Georgia (1969), the court seemed to be moving toward the more liberal position. It claimed that the government did not have the right to prevent individuals from possessing from pornography in their own homes …obscenity law was to prevent obscene material from falling into the hands of Children or offending the public.

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Pornography is the main cause for the derogation of social value and emission of social crime. The accessibility of pornography in our present reality adds to the threats occurring in our public. Because of this, criminal activities like rape, kidnapping and murders would have the opportunity by seeing pornography materials. According to ‘Pornography and Violence Against Women’, “Pornography was found to foster a rape culture over extended periods of viewing, sexualize aggression into a pleasurable experience for women, increase sexual violence towards women, and teach victims to “normalize” their abuse.” These may generate their sexual wants, which would potentially lead them to carrying out sexual violence to satisfy their fantasy. According to Pornography, on Page 59, “Rape is a serious problem in the United States. Many women are afraid to go out alone, particularly at night, and with good reason.” The pornography shows the sexual aggression which is not as like an identical but tends to be as like a rape.

According to ‘Pornography’, “Some feminist scholars, such as Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon, have argued that pornography is harmful to women. They claim that presenting women as sex objects for the pleasure of men teaches men to think that women are sex objects, making them more likely to commit acts of sexual violence.” Pornography rapidly stimulus the sexual desire, sexual hormone of the human which ultimately primes for the aggression sexual behavior. In that case they don’t think of any human relation. They just want to fulfill their need of sexual thrust which finally lead for the sexual crime. By designing the survey done in India accomplish that sexual crime is been increasing by the consumption of pornography. Sensuality in antiquated India was a very much examined idea as appeared by the Kamasutra, composed by Mallanaga Vatsyayana during second and fifth generation. According to the article ‘Sexual crime in India’, “Laboratory studies involve recruitment of volunteers who undergo assessments (such as their attitude to women, violence, rape, aggression, and sex) pre- and post-exposure to pornography. Results indicated that the aggressive-pornographic materials increase aggression against females.”

In India higher consumption of pornography is associated to enlarged sexual crime. In very common we been hearing news about child rapping, acid attack in the community of Indian scenario. This conclude India is the country with the highest rate of sex crime. **Emotion In the field of pornography both genders of man and women are equally participating. But it is bitter true that women are the main part in the pornography who were being highly dominated by male counterpart. Pornography mainly emphasis on the women bodies, their sexual organ and their pictures. According to ‘Pornography and Violence Against Women’, “Women are emotional creatures, therefore going through situations that involve their bodies being used, changing etc. With cause them to have emotional reaction…Women are with nature, but in the same sense that man treats mother nature with disrespect, so it is a universal and social problem.” No matter how develop we are but there is still inequality between man and women. Therefore, the perspective towards women is still negative in which pornography indirectly hurt the emotion of women and gradually degrade the morality of women expect from the porn industry. “Speaking in a moral sense, treated women in violence ways is completely and utterly immoral. Having a vagina does not mean dehumanize me, it means worship me because I am a queen and should be treated as such.” (‘Pornography and Violence Against Women’).

Exactly women are not a playing tools that you can play whenever you want. They also got emotional, they do have their self-respect, dignity and moral values in society. I know there is good money in pornography, but it does not mean that for the seeks of money you can sell the emotion and moral of women. Pornography’s portrayal of women is awful and degrading. Pornography totally distinguish the sexual relationship of the couple. According to ‘Male Partners Perceived Pornography Use and Women’s Relational and Psychological Health’, “The finding that women holding negative views toward pornography may have a hard time dealing with their male ‘partners’ pornography use and thus may influence their ability to trust him, as well as feel satisfied with their relationship makes sense based on theory and past research.” The love relationship of two couple, or relationship of husband and wife can be mis-understood by the term pornography.

Pornography is one of the reasons for the polyonomy to get their sexual relaxation beside that when male is fully engaged in pornography wife is unsecure because she might think that her husband has another girl or affairs with other girls outside the home. According to ‘Male Partners Perceived Pornography Use and Women’s Relational and Psychological Health’, “Loss of trust in the relationship may leave female partners feeling nervous, insecure, and worried about the future of their relationships.” I believe one of the main reasons from the divorce in USA is pornography. I have seen many cases of divorce because of sexual relationship or unsatisfying sex partner. The excessive use of pornography immunized the sexual willingness and sexual desire in high level which drives people being virgular, wild and crazy about sex but it won’t last for longtime and this ultimately leads in psychological distress and anxiety.


Pornography is the addiction in people’s behavior about sexual desire. The more pornographic use leads to the more attitude toward the sexual involvement and the more sexual involvement leads to the problem in Health. According to ‘Condoms Use and Male Homosexual Pornography’, “…Serious risk of occupational exposure to HIV and sexually transmitted infections is ongoing in both the heterosexual and homosexual adult film industry and that both segments of the industry are out of compliance with worker safety requirements…” Sexual disease like HIV, AIDS, female hysteria, male hysteria will cause by pornography. According to Soft Porn Plays Hardball, on Page 7, “Former U.S Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop, declared pornography a “crushing public health problem…a clear and present danger…blatantly anti-human…we oppose all violence and prejudice.” Effect on the psychological behavior, leads toward the miscarriage not having baby, extreme sex cause uterus and reproductive problem. According to The Public Health Harms of Pornography, “…Pornographic video clips available today online conclude with men, often multiple men, ejaculating on a woman’s face… Today’s pornography includes a man inserting his penis in a woman’s rectum and then into her mouth without washing or condoms…Acts of oral sex so violent that they lead women to vomit are mainstream.” Therefore, it affects the health of porn star due to rectum sex and oral sex, which specially copied by the viewer by watching pornography and leads to effect the health of viewer. Pornography adversely impact on the sexual dysfunction for both male and female.

According to The Public Health Harms of Pornography, “Today’s pornography is having a devastating impact on the sexual health of the Internet generation. For example, rates of erectile dysfunction among young men are skyrocketing, and are directly related to the more frequent use of increasingly interactive Internet pornography.” Majorities of the man have inability to maintain an erection enough for satisfying sexual activity nevertheless after they are single with their porn. According to The Public Health Harms of Pornography, “They found that people who use more pornography become less able to wait for gratification than people who use less pornography. Brain studies also now show that increased porn use leads to a slowing down of short-term memory.” Due to the pornography men views women as an object than a human. By watching more and more pornography, it starts effecting the brains and nerves cells of human beings which raise for the short-term memory loss. My opponent with different prospective argue that pornography gives sexual pleasure and intimated happiness in exotic activities.

However, I would respond by saying that pornography indirectly increase the social crime and violence in the community in order to pursue that sexual pleasure. In the present time no matter how civilized we are, but still female counter part is unsecure because of those sexual related crime by pornography. Proponents of the counter position may say that pornography is the fundamental source for the sex education and awareness and contribute for the better relationship. However, I would respond by saying that pornography is the bad conductor of knowledge which spoiling the relationship rather than improving it. Because of this many of the relationship has been turn into divorce situation which ultimately effect relationship psychologically and physically. In order to straighten out the harmful consequences of pornography, both government and entire public around the world can take various steps. First, the concerned authority likes government organization, congress, legislature must implement strong rules and law against those who involve in porn industry. This industry is been growing excessively in the present era, the government need to cut off their numbers or in possible they need to be bands because those industry is the primary source for making the whole world in pornographic.

Moreover, government must work on the internet and its virtual privacy because internet is the main tools for the large scale of pornography consumption. Second, they must pass strict law for the underage people, as we see the demography, high percentage of young adult are spending their time in pornography rather than in their education and innovation. Furthermore, parents must give proper attention to their children whether they are in right track or not. Because age and their growing environment determine their characters what they going to be. In the context of USA many of the parents are busy in their job which means children have more leisure time that’s leads adult involved in drug, pornography and so on. And the government must give suitable living environment to the porn star after they get retired because our society always sees pornography in negative perspective form the outside world. Hence, these suggestions will make the consumption of pornography less in adult and make effective revolution to overcome the adult from the addiction of pornography.

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