Immigration Restrictions Essay

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How would you feel to live scared day by day?. There is more than eleven million undocumented immigrants in america, and everyday on the average of seventeen children are placed in state care after their parents are detained and deported according to United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE. With fear of being deported and sent back to their country you running away from. If people is trying to make their quality life better and don’t commit any crimes why they must be punished and be classified as criminals when all they was doing was looking for “Hope”, this well known as “The american dream”.

Sometimes things don’t go the way they’re supposed to. People suffers, they lose more than what they win, they forget what they came to United States for. Loneliness, emptiness, discrimination, addictions, depression, low pay jobs are something that comes along this dream, nobody ever imagined that. We need equality, laws that can help immigrants open doors to success, there is hundreds of immigrants that have a perfect record, a master degree but can’t put their knowledge out because of fear of being deported, there’s hundreds of teenagers wishing to go to college but can’t, because of fear, fear for colleges to send their applications to immigration and get deported because they wanted to study, support their family and try to have a normal life.

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Why they have to live with fear, why they have to run away, why can’t we understand that there is good people being classified as “criminals”? But from the year 1965 to 2015 there has been at least 16 million immigrants coming from latin america over the past two decades, but things has started to change over the years there has been an enforcement of border patrols in the southern border carrying out about 150,000 deportations from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and they believe it has jump over to 44% the previous year, and from at least three central mexicans countries has been counted yearly at least 97% reportations, but why, why we get rid of people that supports United States economy?, is known that Border Patrol gets many daily people trying to sneak across the borders, others try to get in the U.

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S. through shipping containers or in vehicles. Some navigate the 90 miles of water to south Florida, they risk dehydration, bad weather, difficult terrain and wild animals trying to cross the long border between the U.S. and Mexico, but all of these methods are dangerous, and every year people die trying to get into the U.S. Since a border was created in 1994 covering parts of the California-Mexico border, around 3,000 people have died trying to cross into southern Arizona but even with those many risks and life lost there is at least 35% hispanic immigrants that believe U.S would be the best place to start over and make their situation a lot better, 33% of hispanic adults say life in the U.S is neither better or worse their own countries, 23% think U. S is better than their own country, but which one its right.

The reality of “la situacion” (the situation) of many immigrants has made the accept the sort of low-wage, under the table jobs that makes some people turn up their noses, as scrubbing toilets, painting houses, mowing lawns, mopping floors, but hispanics participate in the labor force at a higher rate than both the native- and overall foreign-born populations. Almost 69% of immigrants from 16 years old and over were in the labor force in 2017, compared to 62% of the American people, hispanics are much more likely to be employed in natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations; service occupations; and production, transportation, and material moving occupation than the other two groups of workers as african american or native american Marina Budhos said. “When we came to america…we became invisible the people who swam in between other’s people’s lives bussing dishes, delivering dishes. The most important thing, abba said, was not to stick out, don’t let them see you but i think it hurt him to hide so much” (Page 27), This means in immigrants life these people has to become invisible and pretend they are not human and speak out and let everyone know their privileges and rights as humans are not taken in consideration because they’re classified as “criminals”.

Even if we do the jobs that nobody else does why if you don’t belong within the puerto ricans and dominicans you are considered a dirty immigrant, this happened to Diane Guerrero author of “the country we love” her parents was deported and she had to find a home with her friends because even though she was a citizen the state help never came, and she said “The older I got, the dimmer those fantasies became. Could a brown girl from an immigrant family ever find a place on the great white way?” (Page 36, Guerrero). Immigrants comes to United States with the hope of running away from the government corruption, whether you have a master’s degree or doctorate often can’t even make a living, it doesn’t matter how admirable your ethic or education is if you can’t put it to work because you don’t have legal documentation that causes a major economic and social division, Diane Guerrero said “The reality of our situation made it painful to linger on such a long shot. So I placed a tight lid over the top of my dreams. I kept them concealed, only to be acknowledge in the dim light ahead of daybreak. I pretended not to want what I wanted mostly because I feared I’d end up disappointed” (Page, 37). We know the immigrant suffering and pain, the obstacles they go through to get their dreams or situation a lot better but we not really ask why do american people see these people as criminals, what is the other side of the story that nobody notices?

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