Immigration Issue Essay

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Immigration Issue

Immigration is a very concerning and controversial issue here in the United States. There are many individuals who are in favor of it and many who are not, for several different reasons. I think however that immigration should be strictly monitored for the reason of the events that we have recently experience over the last eleven years, beginning with the World Trade Center tragedy. I believe that individuals should have a right to immigrate if they so choose however I think that it should be for the right reasons.

There should not be any such thing as illegal immigration in the United States. While I understand that we have many large borders that would need to be patrolled I think that the mother and father of the eight year old who died in the Boston Marathon bombings would agree that no value can be placed on a life. Taxpayers in America pay hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to the individual who chooses not to work and have seven kids to obtain hundreds of dollars in governmental assistance a month, and that does nothing to keep our nation safe. Therefore in perspective it may be worth the man power and the money to save the lives of the American people.

With that being said I believe the only solution to the Indian Question would be to open up immigration completely to all countries around the world. Therefore you would not be considered to be attempting to remove different ethnicities and races of individuals from our country. While I think that the Indian Question was different because the Indian’s were here first and therefore they would have been the ones saying who and who could not come into the country they were not. They were the ones who were being pushed out by early American settlers.

If we solved the Indian Question by allowing free immigration without out limitations or restrictions then eventually there would be very little difference in the countries of the world. Everyone would be intermingled and living in different areas that where they were originally from. Therefore Americans may eventually “pushed” out of their own country if this were the case. However this is not a real solution to the Indian Question as it is not realistic. There are too many cultural, economical, religious, and governmental differences throughout the world for that solution to actually work.

I think that immigration is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because other individuals are given the opportunity to immigrate to a country where they believe they can lead a better life. They will be able to provide more for their family and have the freedoms and opportunities that they have wished for. Immigration also bring new ideas and concepts to different countries. As we discussed in class without Mexican immigration to America there wouldn’t be American Mexican food. Individuals also bring many traditions and ideas to the country they are immigrating to which makes for a more diverse and open minded culture being passed along, which would be beneficial.

However I also believe that immigration is a curse. It is a curse because some individuals come to countries for the wrong reasons. Terrorism is one of the reasons why individuals may immigrate into countries for the wrong reasons. They would be “immigrating” for nothing more than to cause harm to the society and nation in which they are joining. I believe that because of this many people are not as accepting of immigration as they should be. While there is evil everywhere in the world and people who do not immigrate cause harm to their own “people” I think that there are enough people like that in this world we do not need more crazies immigrating simply for malicious reasons.

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