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Essay on Immigration

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Persuasive Speech - Immigration

The cost of educating children of undocumented immigrants is staggering. Even though they are receiving free education, Americans still have to 12 billing dollars per year. Imagine if this money was set aside to pay for education for Americans or documented immigrants. According to the Drug policy alliance, “The drug war is responsible for hundreds of billions of wasted tax dollars and misalloc...

Just Like Us

People might think that getting these fake documents could mean that these girls would be worried about getting caught. But it’s not that way; they feel a little more secure when they have this kind of documents, because these documents give them some identity that they are missing since they cross the Mexican – American border. These children and adolescents are not guilty for their parent’...

The Uprooted - Immigration

The newcomers were also accused of congregating together in their own groups and of an unwillingness to mix with outsiders. Employment advertisements like "NO IRISH NEED APPLY" were common in limiting immigrants' belonging to America. In politics, also there were occasions on which the activities of the new citizens met the hostility of the old natives. Immigrants felt an undertone of acrimony in ...

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The US border Security

Several pieces of legislation passed in the 107th Congress authorized and appropriated funding for additional staffing and resources along the northern border. Regardless of its outstanding services and capabilities, USBP has not been able to completely tackle the problem of illegal immigrants and smuggled merchandise. Many reasons, such the sheer size of the borders, the number of immigrants pass...

Immigrants to the United States

Like “he would stop her in mid-sentence “say it again, mom say it right” when he tripped over his own though, he’d blame it on her see, mom, it’s all your fault. You set a bad example. ” But doesn’t speak perfect English is not immigrant fault in least the try to speak the language is from the dominant culture, but the people from the dominant culture didn't try to understand them an...

The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea

The Devil’s Highway’ is considered as literary nonfiction because it is a story based on acts and author has done a great job of blending reality with story. The facts are so well described in the pattern of story telling that reader actually feels pain and almost relive the story along with words used by writer. Urrea tells the story in a very fascinating way and even gives brief description ...

Situational Transitions

In summary, immigrant youth have many challenges when adapting to a new culture and surroundings. The lack of resources and family conflict can add to this already stressful situation, which in turn can cause them to have feelings of powerlessness and despair. As a result of these feelings, the youth are at a higher risk of not transitioning successfully into their new life. It is a community’s ...

Jane’s Asylum Memorandum and Elian Gonzalez Case Brief

The courts ruled that an alien seeking asylum has no constitutional right to do so, thus removing the power to assert a right to due process under the law. Since Elian was an alien, the Attorney General had full custody over his status. On the second point was could Elian through a third party bring an application for asylum on his behalf. Because Elian was only six years old, he lacked the legal ...

Amy Tan: Chinese in America

Tan herself has recognized her own ability to construct distinctive and memorable narratives, commenting that her storytelling gifts are responsible in large measure for the ongoing popularity-with readers and critics alike-of her work. She has said that her childhood exposure to Bible stories as well as "tons of fairy tales, both Grimm and Chinese" (Wang) has made stories a significant element in...

Immigration to America

So, without any sort of government assistance, soon enough I had no choice but to be back working in the mines again, just trying to get by. The working conditions, hours, and wage are more regulated, which means that they are slightly better, but it's not by much. Throughout the Progressive Era, the presidents may have had big businesses become more restricted, but...

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