Immigrant Essay Topics

My Experience, Extracurricular and Personal Activities

Being an immigrant from South Korea, I am so much fascinated by the system of education and other socio-architecture surrounding the administration of your institution from a general view. My life has been eventful in a way while I was in high school. I am a Christian devotee with high sense of commitment in leadership… View Article

Cultural Pluralism

Since the immigrants first arrived from other countries to the United States, they were having a hard in the U. S. A. It is long, hard and painful. They thought they could have a better life in the U. S. A; the true is there was many problems are waiting for them. Because of immigrants… View Article

Interview with Suriname Immigrant Sophia

I did not know who I would be able to interview for this assignment as I did not personally know anyone who had immigrated to Los Angeles. So, I started to ask around and my uncle (who works at the Bradbury Elderly Center) mentioned an old lady who gave him a hard time every time… View Article