IMLS Funded Cohorts Scholarship Essay

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IMLS Funded Cohorts Scholarship

I have always believed that having been born in a family where I was the least noticeable of the children played an important part in determining my perception of self actualisation.  Though I cannot claim to have lacked in parental love or attention, being sandwiched between the first and the last born had the effect of developing a die hard spirit in me.  In my short term memory I can think of a lot that I have wanted to achieve; though I have achieved most of them the IMLS funded scholarship presents an opportunity to attain the most important of them; education.

Information being a critical component in education pushed me into seeking more light on various subjects.  I perceive education as unbounded in that there is no reason why a doctor should not be a computer wizard for they are all important to the levels of development that can be attained at individual and community levels.  It is this urge for information that pushed me into engaging in volunteer work in a special library for the blind.  Much as I did not master the use of the Braille, the experience aided development of an appreciation of the difficulties that some people under go in their daily life.

I was born and partly raised in Los Angeles which I believe is not any different from New York in terms of diversity.  From my early school years to high school all I was surrounded with was diversity and its beauty pulled me into appreciating the effect that it could have on people.  My later years were however spent in New York where I engaged in a number of volunteer activities.

I have spent over 100 hrs. working with the St Johns DLIS; within this spell I developed further appreciation of hardship and synergy that can be developed with will and commitment to the achievement of a social cause.  Education as a social institution is charged with ensuring that members of the society develop an appreciation of positive values and problems that others are faced within the community.

  Application of the principles learned in class for the welfare of the community is therefore as critical as retaining and mastering concepts with respect to meeting objectives of the education system.  I have already demonstrated the ability to work for the good of the community and the scholarship program presents a chance to develop critical skills that will lead to increased benefits by the society from my skills.

Experience in voluntary social services has played an important part in developing an understanding of the differences presented by the real environment with regards to practical application of theoretical approaches for the good of the society.  Internship is therefore important and it is this knowledge that pushed me into seeking over 200 hrs of internship to be able to develop an experience of practical aspect of my career area.  The experience has also led to the development of working and communication skills that have added up to my ability to relate with fellow professional and the society at large; this is the hallmark of a professional who can make a difference within the community.

Experience in voluntary social services has played an important part in the person I have grown up to be.  An important experience is when I was involved in a program to try and educate people in Harlem on dangers of unprotected sex.  I had to interact with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, age and attitude; the experience helped me develop an understanding of the need to critically analyse a situation before even attempting to make conclusions.  This experience will come in handy in interacting with any community and playing a part in addressing challenges that are part and parcel of human life.

Education as a process requires determination, hard work and commitment.  I was involved in community work while in high school and the same was the trend in college.  I believe it was because of the commitment, hard work and determination that I was able to excel in academic while contributing to the betterment of the society.  This experience, proved determination and hard work will play an important part in determining by ability to take on the course and meet scholarship requirements.

 Though I may not be the best in terms of displayed ability, I believe that I have an internal ability that if given the right platform and incentives would manifest in ways that can be of great help to the society.   There are a lot that I could have and can attain if given the right platform to seek my goals.  It is this understanding that has been central to my belief that I can make it under any situation if my cause is right and I approach the situation with the right attitude.  Moreover, the IMLS Funded Cohorts Scholarship presents a chance for attainment of my personal goals which is to be part or a global endeavour and movement that seeks to ensure a world that is free of preventable human suffering.

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