Imagination - Psychological practice and IRB 

The exposure therapy has been effective for many who face anxiety disorder, there have not been various alternatives of effective tools that help eliminate fear condition associated with certain objects and situations. In the article “Your Brain on Imagination: It’s a Lot Like Reality” takes the fact that nearly 68 year ago, was discovered the first tool for eradicating people’s fear, what now it’s known as “exposure therapy” (University of Colorado at Boulder). Through this process, someone is exposed to a feared situation without any type of danger around and controlling side effects.

once a person is faced to a real circumstance the mind and the body get to the idea of being harmless and fearless to a peculiar event. In the same process of unlearning fear, the nervous system is also training to keep self-control on a stressful situation. Many times, this type of treatment can be effective to break up feeling of avoidance fear.

However, some might argue that exposure procedure might be unusable and expensive.

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As an aspect, it is difficult to follow due the pressure one might live, even more the unpleasant sensation after and the high travel expenses due the location and the type of risk. At Wager lab in the university of Colorado, brain specialists investigated a mechanism to improve anxiety disease by using imagination and giving a hope to minimize threat response to those who live under this condition. Looking at the problem, researchers tested a group of people on how the brain reacted to an imagined threat.

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By Scanning brain activity and inducing the patient to a imagined and harmful and avoidant experience, the neuroscientists demonstrated that similar with real- exposure, imagined treat alike demonstrate reduce patters related to the disorder that alter brain and body conduct. During the neuroimaging process using fMRI and skin sensors the researchers found that a specific group of the 60 participants showed activity in areas that engages fear conditioning the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, amygdala and perceptual cortices after brain stimulation of a imagined thought. The findings demonstrate that as well exposure therapy, vivid imagination might be a powerful effective tool to stimulate and re-shape fears, anxiety and phobias issues.

In this sense, this recent study shed new light on anxiety in specific areas like biopsychology and neuroscience to understand and treat aspects related to fear. In Biopsychology field, this research might be useful to find the relationship between fear and the genetic traits and hormones of a patient. To Investigate the incidence of fear when a family member with anxiety disorder can predict the same behavior in the individual in evolving with the same pattern. From this discipline, it might conduct others research about how in the early developing of an individual who grow up in troubled environment rises the risk of fear behavior trauma, panic or anxiety in familiar and social environment in the lifespan. It might be questionable, the evolutionary side of human, the geographic features and ancestry, how these characteristics can impact physiologically, as well the nervous system which compromise cognition, sensation, motor skills, and emotions, and the function of brain chemicals, etc., and look at the influence of fear in a determinate group of people and in that way predict other heath concerns.

Even thought the disciplines overlap in the brain area, the study of human behavior. Clinical psychology put in practice all the elements involved in mental disorders and look for mental health. For fear assessment a clinical psychologist would recognize specifics facts of fear of a patience from the evaluation and diagnosis phase, to find the correct instruments for the intervention. The specialist in this area might explore meditation and relaxation techniques to be applied in different areas schools, universities, private practice, and hospitals. In order to protect participants from physical and emotional harm, the researchers who study the interaction of fear and imagined exposure, they had to follow the strict guidelines that IRB (Institutional Review Board) stablishes. According to the IRB, an Expedited review process must be applied, where the participants must not be exposed more than minimal risk, the procedure must protect the participants of invasion of privacy and confidentially. In addition, the study should be reviewed by one IRB member, who will approve or denote the study of a full review process. The present research applies under the nine (9) categories of minimal risk that IRB entitles. In fact, from category four (4) through to eight (8) in the review guideline, it is which the present research qualifies, to demonstrates the utility of imagination to eliminate fear and the use of fMRI imaging. The description of the research from Wager Lab, for example, is except from harmless as meditation can be seen like no dangerous.

Since IRB review category allows the manipulation of magnetic resonance imaging in healthy people, and its considerate as minimal risk. In the present discussion, we can see that anxiety disorders have a wide range of elements to explore inside the human brain. As a positive fact, psychology and its areas, such as biopsychology and neuroscience are fundamentally important to understand and solve problems of human behavior. Since fear and phobias can be inexplicable these two areas of specialization can be theorical and practical in different field of the social order. The best part of study research is to know that there is an ethical guide which protects humans for physical and emotional destruction.

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