Images of nurse and nursing Essay

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Images of nurse and nursing

The article entitled “Perceived and real barriers for men entering nursing: Implications for gender diversity,” aimed to explain the barriers, whether perceived or real, for men seeking a career in nursing. It is theorized that the public image of nursing is that of a traditional feminine career. However, in lieu with the recent nursing shortage that has been plaguing the country, it is speculated that men remain as an untapped reservoir of potential nurses and need to be targeted through recruitment strategies (Roth & Coleman, 2008).

The authors established in their paper that if the barriers, whether real or perceived, can be addressed to suggest strategies that can ameliorate these barriers, then the recruitment of males into the profession may help in providing more nurses to fill the shortage. The image of nurses has been long depicted as a young female taking care of the ill and subordinate to male physicians and administrators (Roth & Coleman, 2008).

These women are also perceived as not capable of making important decisions and were handmaidens to the physicians. Furthermore, it was researched that according to most students the reason why they did not choose to enter the nursing career is because of a perception that they would not attain job satisfaction and the second was that nurses were too squeamish (Roth & Coleman, 2008). Most young men believed that nursing is a profession for females and that they have fears of being perceived as gay or being feminine.

Other barriers mentioned was the absence of the historical contributions of nurses who were male, considering that most nursing texts use the pronoun “she” in referring to nurses and that nursing education programs have been unsuccessful in creating an environment that is conducive for men, e. g. the lack of male professors and clinical instructors. However, there are still a few men who have chosen to enter the nursing profession and a major factor that engrossed men to the nursing profession was the influence of parents, specifically mothers, which are employed in nursing or other healthcare professions.

Also, most men in the profession had previous careers and perceived their nursing career to be better than anticipated. The authors suggest that to ameliorate the current barriers, the public perceptions of nursing that create barriers for male nurses has to be challenged. Other suggestions that they presented include the increasing the number of males in the nursing academia and communicate through scholarly articles how gender diversity has enriched the profession. The discussions in schools should include more often the history of men in nursing and that they should also target nontraditional male students that are older and diverse.

In response to this article, I deem that there is a truth to what the researchers have speculated that there is perceived barriers that inhibit the males from entering the nursing profession. In lieu with this, the suggested ways in how to ameliorate the situation can help in possibly encouraging the men in joining the profession. It can be noted that majority of the nurses, whether or not working in the clinical setting, students or professors teaching in the academia are females.

It has been greatly noted that many male nurses have made the profession more diverse and the physical attributes of males are needed in certain nursing work. Being a nurse, whether or not one has the passion for it and considers it a calling, or was just a nurse by chance, should always bear in mind that this is a profession that only aims to care and hope for the best in the client or the patient’s wellbeing. Furthermore, I deem that the nursing profession should not have any gender biases, as it is a profession that only seeks to care for humanity, both males and females.

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