Illiteracy: Education and Others Essay

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Illiteracy: Education and Others

illiteracy is noun which mean unable to read and write or don’t have primary education. we know that reading and writing is only the source of learning education systematically. the aim of formal education is to tame a man morally ethically as well as provide him the skills that can be helpful for him to stand with the developing societies. if we talk about illiteracy in broader sense , it is clear that it is not a good aspect of any society.

Pakistan is one of the developing countries. Pakistan is surviving for many problems included illiteracy. he problems started from an individual and collectively effects the whole society to where he belongs to. as we know that a society is an organization and persons in groups are the components of this organization , so if a large group of organization is unable then how can they proceed the society. the improvement of a society is actually is the improvement of persons. people hesitate to educated their children formally.

There are many reasons

1. Poverty: the cost of formal and quality eduction is very high so a even middle class family cannot afford it. nd large number of our intelligent students cannot get education . normally people of Pakistan struggle to achieve the basic needs of life and ignore this even it is a also a necessity of life. govt should introduce programs and spend budgets for educational programs so that our country can also stand with the developed countries .

2. Gender discrimination : Pakistan is an Islamic republic . in Pakistan people even not educated religiously they don’t know the importance of knowledge that religion Islam defines them. so they don’t know the rights of others. uman beings can be divided into two catagories . male and female . male as the dominant kind , does not allow woman to get there rights in the society . the rights also include the right of getting education. the population is comprises of large numbers of females . women are the 49. 19% of the whole population. so due to gender inequality this class remains illiterate and causes the increasing rate of illiteracy . the literacy rate in Pakistan is 46% and this caused by the large no of females and engaged children with labor to support the family.

3. Nawareness: normally people does not support the education ,firstly they think that it is a waste of money and time . a child should be skilled in order to support the family economically. the other misconception is that the children specially the female children will get spoil if they go to school. some people think that the today’s educational system will spoil the religious concepts. this all misunderstandings are producing the illiterate generation. the public is under the pressure of economical and political disasters and cannot understand it though the only solution is literacy.

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