Illegal Parking Essay

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Illegal Parking

Most of the criminals commit acts unconsciously through which they can be targeted by the police. One example of this act is parking illegally in disabled parking bays. Criminals usually show some form of hooliganism and versatility in their actions which show that they have been involved in some criminal activity. However, this is not always true. Most of the criminals seem to be aware of the fact that if they perform these offending acts, they will attract the attention of police.

They are also aware that if they get caught in these little hooliganism, their previous records of crimes will also be most probably be identified. Therefore most of the criminals keep a low profile in public places and try not to attract the attention of police. In some researches, however, it has been proved that one in three cars parked illegally in disabled bays are done by prolific offenders.

May be this is true but these offenders have surely not committed some very serious crimes like murders, thefts, burglaries, rape, sex offences, gang wars, kidnapping for ransom, corruption, forgery or drug dealing. These criminals who performs acts of attracting police towards them are not serious criminals and may have been caught drinking previously, involved in some form of hooliganism or performed some kind of hacking. These offenders do not remember that they have performed these crimes, but the police have the records.

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