Illegal Leisure and its Implications Essay

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Illegal Leisure and its Implications

Leisure plays a very important role in the life of an individual. However, when an individual gets involved in leisure activities that are illegal, whatever the reason, it becomes counterproductive. Illegal leisure is rightly so for reasons that could take dimensions of the nature of health, social or religious inclinations. Nevertheless, the utter disregard of the illegality of the entire illegalized leisure activities would have far reaching negative ramification than is perceived. There are vast forms of illegal leisure activities.

However, the legality and the illegality of the leisure are adequately defined under the rules of the concerned agency (Bull, C. , Hoose, J. and Weed, M. 2003, p 39). There are some illegal practices that are more ethically prescribed as illegal than are documented in any legal documents. Despite lack of documentation, some leisure activities are utterly illegalized by the conscience of the person undertaking them. Though there are countries and states that have legalized prostitution such as Netherlands, the practice predisposes the individual various risks.

To begin with, the word prostitution in itself presents societal misfit. Individuals who are perceived or who are involved in the practice tend to be delineated from the society (Harris, D. 2005 p 69). They are treated with utter disrespect, disregard and the least integrity by society. Though the prostitutes take it as their daily chore, those who come in for the services ideally take it as leisure. In addition the prostitutes, be they male or female get predisposed to infection of sexually transmitted diseases; particularly when preventive measures are not taken.

Besides, particularly where those involve have one of them who is married, risks the marriage of those involved in a number of perspectives. First, if the partner does realize, he/she may opt for a divorce, subsequently this may jeopardize the family unit. Besides, the services offered by prostitutes are utterly delinked from the public limelight. This makes these services relatively expensive (Bull, C et al 2003 p 112). This affects the family income in instances where those involved include a married individual. Further, the entire cycle becomes even more vicious, hence making the family suffer at the expense of the prostitutes.

If the whole practice is viewed from a religious perspective, whether it is Islamic, Christian or Buddhists, the practice is utterly unreligious. Homosexuality is also taken as an illegal practice. According to the research HIV/Aids was first diagnosed amongst homosexuals (Harris, D. 2005 p 101). Like in cases of prostitution, there are numerous sexually transmitted diseases that are infected through homosexual practices. Furthermore the entire practice is quite unhygienic. While this is taken more often as a pleasurable activity, it needs to be appreciated that there is the least pleasure in the entire act.

The aforementioned not withstanding, the practice finds the least grounding in religious cycles. There are certain people in society that revere smoking of bhang and marijuana. Ideally, they see this as a leisure act. World over, this practice has been pronounced illegal, yet people want to hide and engage in the practice. Medically, this practice causes diverse effects. First, the individuals who smoke for longer periods have higher tendencies for bronchitis. Bhang smokers have their lungs blackened, this affects the respiratory system. For male user of bhang, research has shown a high redundancy in their likelihood of having children.

Apparently, the testosterone hormones are depressed in the blood of the user’s of bhang. This ordinarily inhibits the reproductive function of the addict. Ideally there is a decrease in the sperm motility of the bhang user besides the sperm count being lower. Cell functions are equally impeded through the use of cannabis sativa. It is medically proven that the long users of cannabis sativa tend to have numerous broken chromosomes hence leading to malformed offspring. In addition, there are serious implication on the part of the users as the there is inherent suppression of the immune response of the individual.

This is as a result of the interference with genes that normally regulate the defense cells. Further, individuals who use marijuana suffer from hallucinations and illusions. Mostly, they have difficulties in recalling events; they are slow in thinking and have a narrow attention span. At chronic stages, the individually usually suffer from mental and physical lethargy. At the very extreme, there are changes in the brain of the user, research does indicate that young heavy user have their brain size reduced.

Though the illegal activities seem very pleasurable, this very first perception of their pleasurability makes their probable control even more challenging. Evidently, the practice has far reaching ramifications on the individuals that are into the entire practice. But then how well can the practice be expunged from society, particularly when it purely done in secret (Harris, D. 2005 p 64). This challenge pecks numerous issues at hand. There are several cases where prostitution is done in private premises, implying there is the least room for accessing the premises in seeking redress.

It is virtually impossible to identify a homosexual amongst a group of individuals. This presents a technical part for curbing the practice (Bull, C et al 2003 p 161). Besides, a further interrogation into the likely suspects simply implies infringement into the rights of the individual. Ideally, I feel the illegal leisure activities should be made legal, thereafter; the activities should have numerous suctions in the form of taxes to scare off possible users. While, there could be those who have all the requisite resources for the practice, ultimately the number of those engaging in the activities will be substantially reduced.

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