Illegal Immigration and Law Enforcement

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Why is illegal immigration such a difficult problem to solve for law enforcement? How can the use of new technologies assist them in their efforts? Give some examples.

Within the majoriy of the United States , the number of foreign-born residents increased by 30 percent or more over last decade, with that came also many illegal arrivals. Many of them are settling within different areas but, they are virtually untouched by due to federal regulations. Local police agencies are challenged to serve vulnerable residents whose culture and language don’t match those of their line officers.

To attempt to address these challenges, Law Enforcement organizations adapted the use of SpeechGuard which is one of the world’s only professional voice translator and language assistant. This handheld device is used by over 300 agencies throughout the Universtates, the SpeechGuard is a very usefeul to have for any person or organization facing a language barrier. The growing field of language access led the way in building bridges between police and Hispanic, Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian communities.

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Police also face these challenges by training police officers in using the U-visa, a safety net for immigrant crime victims that cooperate with police, and published guidebooks written by police, for police in how to build trusting relationships with diverse communities.

Local law enformcent agenics also adapted Amazon’s latest product, Amazon recognition which involves aggressive face scanning surveillance technology works concurrently with Facebook social media data abuse have brought the impact of surveillance and data abuse to the front.

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But many people do not realize how frequently local law enforcement agencies obtained and currently use similar technologies in their own jurisdictions. The bill of California , SB 1186, requires greater clarity and public oversight when law enforcement agencies seek to obtain surveillance technologies that gather private location or other personal data.

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Illegal Immigration and Law Enforcement

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