Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has increased in United States for about 4 million according to the reports from the Current Population Survey, not including some of those illegal immigrants who have not been included in the Current Population Survey. This only means that there are still many unrecorded illegal immigrants in the United States. A recent proposal from the Bush government may be considered as the way to provide amnesty to illegal occupants in the United States. But one question remains, should illegal immigrants be given amnesty and be given all the rights that American citizens have? To answer the question, one must look at several points.

Why do people from other countries want to live in the United States? Work is the number one reason behind people’s decision to live in United States. It is evident that the cost of labor in United States is far higher than nearby countries like Mexico and other poor countries in the world. A typical Mexican worker only earns a part of the salary of a typical American worker. If that is the case, some Mexicans choose to illegally enter the United States and have work there rather than live in their country and earn from a job that is not sufficient to support their daily needs (“Illegal Immigrants”).

The United States should have strict policies for people who try to enter and live in United States illegally. However, it is indeed true that there have been people who have illegally lived in United States for many years already. As such, amnesty to those who live in the United States for a long time should already be given by the United States government. These illegal immigrants also have human rights which may include living and building a home for their self in a place where they are accepted and where they can live in a more comfortable way.

Also if amnesty is given, all the rights should also be given to them including the right to have their own driver’s license and the right to join the army. Joining the army is in fact a good thing for the United States because there will be more people who will serve and die protecting the country. Illegal immigrants in the U. S. are tagged as ‘illegal aliens’. This term is said to have dehumanized illegal immigrants especially Mexicans because they comprise more than 50 percent of the whole illegal immigrant population.

A more politically accepted term would be ‘undocumented workers,’ because these illegal immigrants chose to enter America illegally just to have a better work and to live a better life. As such, these people have perceived United States of America as a place for opportunity (“Coming to America: Illegal immigrant an offensive slur? ”). Works Cited “Coming to America: Illegal immigrant an offensive slur? ” WorldNetDaily. 29 January 2004. 21 April 2009 <http://www. worldnetdaily. com/news/article. asp? ARTICLE_ID=36847>. “Illegal Immigration. ” Center for Immigration Studies. N. d. 21 April 2009 <http://www. cis. org/Illegal>.

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