Illegal Downloading Essay

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Illegal Downloading

Outline of the attitudes to copyright violation and illegal downloading as presented in text 1 and 3: The first text, The Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde: It’s evolution, stupid, is about this person Peter Sunde from Sweden who uses an illegal website TPB. In this text we get his point of view of illegal downloading. He gets in prison for 8 months because he gets convicted of contributory copyright infringement. He thinks that the idea of illegal downloading is a part of the evolution of technology and therefor it shouldn’t be any kind of punishment.

Even the Swedish prosecutor doesn’t find it as a main crime. (P 1, l. 39-l. 45) ”But Hollywood was not happy with this… The United States told Sweden that if they didn’t get rid of the site, they would not be allowed to trade with the U. S.! ” In USA, and especially in Hollywood where the movie stars are to find, they don’t like the website. Therefor they threat Sweden to no more trading’s between them if they don’t get rid of the website. In the other hand with text 3 we get the point of view of a poet from England, Wendy Cope.

Wendy Cope is a well known poet in Great Britain and doesn’t like the fact that there are many websites where her work is to find. She thinks that the poems have a tendency to run off by itself with no name on them, like it is an anonymous who has written it. She brings up with an example. As a little girl, she liked a poem with no name on it. It took some years before noticing who the poet to the poem actually is. This copyright violation has a big influence on her. First of all it does have a big effect on her sales of her books when it is easy to get a copy of hers’ poems over the internet.

Second of all she has “learned” to smile and say thank you when someone copying her poems and sent them to his/her friends. Third of all she has to relate, even she finds it annoying, that some people are making money by her work. Compare the writing styles, e. g. language and tone, in texts 2 and 3. Illustrate your answer with examples from the texts. Both of the texts have spoken language but there is some written language as well in text 3. Text 2 mainly consists of comments. The tone is very direct. That is why it is spoken language. Then the comments are very simple partly because the comments are sentences.

They use a lot of metaphors as well in text two. All of the comments they mention “coffee shop, cookies and cakes”. The metaphors meaning compared with the poems in text 3 is: the cookies and cakes are the poems. You can’t just take them. You have to pay for them. Both of the texts are between medium and high level of formality. There is no kind of slang and the spelling is correct. In text 2 the sentences are long and in text 3 the sentences are a variation between medium and long. In text 2 there are a lot of irony and sarcasm which are used in a mad way.

The first comment by Levi: (p. 5, l 8-10) “isn’t entertainment industry doing just that? A consumer… The way she stills the question is in a furious way and then the end mentions “a consumer” like it is typical for consumers having this way of thinking and it is just wrong! Text 3 they are using Pathos as rhetorical tool. We are getting Wendy Copes’ thoughts and feelings to know. It is making us/readers sympathizing with her. She makes some repetitions of how annoying she gets by the fact that some are using her work without permission or paying for it.

Both of the texts are against copyright and have same thoughts of the view at the consumers whom think it is okay to copyright. Taking your starting point in one of the texts, discuss whether copyright of music, texts and films can and should be protected. We get to know in text 1 that in Sweden they don’t find any main crime of illegal downloading. It is just a part of the evolution. The technology is always evolving and we are getting everything over the internet. We are not going into a shop for buying an album of Michael Jackson anymore.

We can simply hear it all over the internet nowadays. It might have an affect on the musicians’, but they have to relate to it and find another way to earn their money. In many schools they are also using poems as a part of their lessons. It would be too expensive if they should buy a book with poems for every single student! Or else it will become too expensive the schools. In sort of cases like those it is all right to copyright but in sort of cases where they are to find all over the internet without permission should be punished.

As Wendy Cope says, it is annoying! This is just a way to let the poets down and don’t want to work that much. Nowadays the movie/film industries are fighting against illegal downloading and want to stop it. If the movies are bad, the consumer might be disappointed! In the point of view of a consumer who will find it annoying will therefor begin to downloading, where you don’t have to spend money on it. If you are a good consumer, you would go out and buy the original movie afterwards downloading it.

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