Ill-Fated Love at Centrex Electronics

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Case Study Review: Ill-Fated Love at Centrex Electronic Devices

1. In the case it is specified the policy of CEC is “Staff members carrying out jobs where they have access to delicate or secret information which could benefit rivals are restricted from being married to or from having a romantic relationship with individuals utilized by competing organizations” while the CEO mentioned “CEC staff members are accountable for their own off-the-job behavior. We are interested in a worker’s off-the-job conduct only when it minimizes the employee’s ability to perform regular task assignments.

These two declarations oppose each other with the CEO’s acting as an implied policy. The attorney could have used the suggested contract exception to the employment-at-will policy.

2.The policy CEC had in place is understandable in highly competitive industries, but in this case the execution of the policy was not handled correct which lead to the wrongful termination suite. It seems that if CEC had given Miller-Canton a time table to make her decision or be terminated it would have given enough conversion regardless of the results for a correct decision to me made.

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If Miller-Canton had decided to end the relationship with Mike she would have continued working, if she decided on the relationship she could have resigned, and if she couldn’t make a decision it would have been clear why she was terminated.

3.There is no single definition to “romantic relationship” and depending on one experiences it could equate to dating. Likewise, there is no definitive definition of dating that would be equally be shared by everyone.

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