IKEA Essay Topics

Ikea in Malaysia

1.1 Introduction of Malaysia Furniture Industry Ranking the 10th largest exporter of furniture in the world, Malaysia exports around 80% of its production. With large markets in US, Japan and Australia, Malaysia’s has a strong position in the global furniture industry. With tremendous growth in exports to UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Russia, Malaysia… View Article

Ikea Case Study Analysis

Symptoms IKEA has a strong international brand recognition built upon a unique philosophy and low product prices, combined with solid sales performance. IKEA’ s famous vision is “to create a better everyday life for many people”. The company maintains total control of its design, pricing and supply of product ranges globally, and thus has a… View Article

Ikea History and Swot

History Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA’s founder, has a very intriguing and impressive life story. Kamprad was a very intelligent young Swedish boy who quickly turned into the 5th wealthiest man in the world. His net worth is now $4.2 billion. At a very early age Kamprad started his selling knowledge. When he was just 5 years… View Article

IKEA Business Research Paper

IKEA is a world renowned furniture and home goods provider. Like all international businesses they have challenges and dilemmas that effect how they approach different aspects of their business. By identifying issues and how to combat them by analyzing accurate data IKEA can better handle situations and ensure continued profitability and company success Statistical Analysis… View Article


IKEA, the Swedish retailer, is known for its good-quality, inexpensive products, which are typically sold at prices 30–50% below those of its competitors. While the price of products from other companies continues to rise over time, IKEA’s retail prices have been reduced by a total of 20% over the last four years. At IKEA, the… View Article

The Different International Markets Only Changing the Structures

“How Ingvar Kamprad succeed to adapt the different international markets only changing the structures?” The evolution of Ikea’s organization structure changed through the years. First, it used to have an horizontal organization structure, with just one boss taking the decisions, Ingvar and the employees, manufacturing the products (Exhibit 1). Most businesses begin as simple structure… View Article

A Study of IKEA’s Product Design and Pricing Strategy

IKEA’s competitive priority is based on producing quality products at a low price. This concept is exemplified in its’ corporate mantra ” price with meaning”. This is achieved by creating inexpensive products without making its customers feel cheap. This manta is followed from design to the customer’s home. 2. Describe IKEA’s process for developing a… View Article

History of IKEA

Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943. The name IKEA is formed from Kamprad’s initials (I.K.) plus the first letters of Elmtaryd (E) and Agunnaryd (A), the farm and village where he grew up (1). IKEA originally sold pens, wallets, picture frames, table runners, watches, and jewelry and nylon stockings. Known today for its furniture, IKEA… View Article

Ikea Operations Management

Profile: ikea IKEA is the world’s most successful mass-market retailer, selling Scandinavian-style home furnishings and other house goods in 230 stores in 33 countries and hosting 410 million shoppers per year. An acronym for founder Ingvar Kamprad and his boyhood home of Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd, IKEA began operating in Sweden in 1943 and continues its original… View Article

Success of Ikea

What factors account for the success of IKEA? Ikea’s Success can be attributed to many factors, but can be classified into two broad categories: product differentiation and cost leadership. Product Differentiation Ikea’s simple yet elegant yet elegant Scandanavian designs reflect solid consumer awareness, as its designs resonated well with the consumer. Cost Leadership In our… View Article

Resistance to Cultural Change

1) Please explain: How “resistance to cultural change” can influence international product introduction? Culture in the context of marketing can be seen an aggregate of customs and habits shared by a group of people. It affects consumption patterns of consumers considerably. These practices in concrete market can’t be changed easily by any brand. Brands need… View Article


The founder of IKEA is Ingvar Kampard in Sweden since 1943. IKEA originally is selling fish, Christmas magazines, matches and seeds. Acronym for IKEA stands for I and K is founder’s initial name, E is Elmtaryd, his family farm name, A is Agunnaryd, a name from a village in Sweden where the farm located. In… View Article

Ikea Case Study

Synopsis This case study is to deliberate about IKEA’s marketing strategy in reaching out customers. Also discussing about IKEA’s business idea and IKEA follows a quite traditional pattern of internationalizing and also drives the localization thoughts in different market place to stay competitive. Their vision “To create a better everyday life for the many” and… View Article

Ikea Global Marketing

IKEA crossing cultural boundaries to furnish the globe 1. How has IKEA successfully sold its home furnishing products in so many countries around the world? Do global customer segments truly exist? Ikea targets consumers who tend to have a young ‘mental age’ — that is, people who have a youthful outlook regarding the design of… View Article

Ikea Order Fulfillment

IKEA is a privately owned business. It is an international home products retailer. IKEA sells things that are needed for household purpose. For example, accessories, bathroom, furniture, and kitchen items in their retail stores. IKEA has retail stores all over the world. IKEA sell their design furniture and goods at an affordable price. Currently IKEA… View Article

Ikea Swot Analysis

Strengths: * IKEA offers a unique value proposition to its customers. It offers a wide range of well designed, functional products at low prices. The design begins with low costs from the outset, striking an ideal balance between function, quality, design, and price. * IKEA introduced the flat package which can be assembled by customers… View Article

The Study of Ikea’s Business Strategy

Price and promotion Ikea is not only a furnishings market brand, but also a furniture brand. Through a series of operations, in people’s eyes, Ikea is not simply a purchase house ware places, it represents a way of life. In our mind, Ikea’s success not only depends on its integration of the trade, logistics, but… View Article

IKEA: SWOT analysis

This resource can be used for general classwork, homework or learning skills for investigation. It is a good simple exercise in bringing the various terminologies together in understanding what it means, and how it can be used in context. This allows the pupils to bring out more in discussion and understand that the topics covered… View Article

Closing Case of IKEA

QUESTION 1: How has the globalization of markets benefited IKEA? ANSWER: The globalization of markets refers to the fact that in many industries historically distinct and separate national markets are merging into one huge global marketplace in which the tastes and preferences of consumers in different nations are beginning to converge upon some global norm…. View Article


IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. IKEA is a home furnishings retailer unlike any other. It was founded on the basis of low cost and it offers modern and stylish furniture for all types of people at affordable prices. IKEA’s unique way of shopping, store layout, and do-it-yourself approach continues to… View Article

Marketing Strategy at Ikea

Synopsis The case study is to discuss about the different strategy used by IKEA to approach their customers. It is also talking about the localization concept from a global company based on the cultural demand from different countries worldwide. IKEA is also famous for their less expensive furniture, has some other strategies to “reach” the… View Article

Operational Logistics of Ikea

1. Introduction IKEA is a Swedish company which was founded in 1943 with its headquarter in Denmark. IKEA succeeded on its low cost strategy which is able to offer a wide range of stylish home furniture with good design and functional at competitive pricing. It carries a range of nearly 10,000 products and is well… View Article


Originating in Sweden, within the early 1940’s, the IKEA home furnishing stores became world renown for offering stylish furniture for home and offices at a very low cost. In the beginning growth stages of the company, IKEA continued to keep its products and operations international and to not customize its products to local markets. By… View Article

Internal and External process in IKEA

IKEA is a privately-owned, international retailer of home products. The company sells flat pack furniture, accessories, and bathroom and kitchen items in their retail stores globally. The company is the market leader in the flat-pack design furniture and sells at affordable prices. IKEA is now the world’s largest furniture manufacturer. IKEA was started in 1943… View Article

IKEA’s Global Sourcing Challenge

Indian Rugs and Child Labor (A) In May 1995, Marianne Barner faced a tough decision. After just two years with IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, and less than a year into her job as business area manager for carpets, she was faced with the decision of cutting off one of the company’s major suppliers… View Article


1. ) There are three main factors that account for IKEA’s success in the furniture retailing industry: (a) its unique, Scandinavian designs, (b) its product strategy, and (c) its cost efficiency. a. IKEA’s simple, yet unique designs are undoubtedly a critical factor in its success as a furniture retailing company. In its early years, IKEA’s… View Article

IKEA’s Global Sourcing Challenge

1. Marianna Barner should decline the invitation for IKEA to have a representative appear on the upcoming forecast of the German video program. The producers of the documentary invited them to take part in a live discussion during the airing, and while this offer does sound beneficial for IKEA to educate the public and the… View Article

Assignment IKEA Case Study

IKEA is a Swedish-owned global business founded in 1943. The business generates annual revenues of 27 billion euros and employs 139,000 people in 298 stores and 26 countries. The values and design philosophy of the founder continue to underpin the brand. These values might be summed up as frugal, democratic, environmentally aware, and design oriented…. View Article

Ikea’s Global Sourcing Challenge: Indian Rugs and Child Labor

IKEA is a Swedish company producing home furnishing products at low prices. The company was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad and kept growing tremendously from 2 stores in 1964 to 114 stores in 1994. It’s very useful to mention the ikea’s vision that says “Creating a better life for the many people” for understanding… View Article

Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments

After some good discussions and ideas regarding the expansion plans of the furniture company, the realization comes about that the main factor to consider is the competition that will be encountered in the expansion country of choice. As a result, there needs to be further research done regarding the top competition for the furniture company… View Article