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“Moraine is a small developing country. Like all nations in the developing world, Moraine needs to develop its economy. The country has a government department which is responsible for developing grassroots entrepreneurs – the Business Assistance Department (BAD). It also has access to funding from The European Union (EU) an IGO and has been offered assistance by the One Business at a Time (OBT), an NGO that focuses on helping local populations start and develop simple, local businesses.

A)What are the priorities for the leaders of: (a) BAD, (b) the EU and (c) OBT for their respective operations in Moraine? Why? The priorities for the leaders are the EU, BAD, and OBT.

At first, it depends on whether the EU cooperates with developing Moraine or not because the EU is the largest organization in the European Area; therefore, the organization has a large amount of funds to support developing nations. So, if the government were able to convince the EU, it would be a big chance to develop the economy. If the EU supported, BAD needs to play a big role of managing funds from the EU because the funds from the EU must be limited. So, BAD has to assign funds for entrepreneurs. Also, BAD has to decide the standard value and rule to judge entrepreneurs. Finally, OBT has to see through them whether they contribute a developing economy in Moraine or not with the standard value and rules from BAD.

2. List two ways the New Public Management (NPM) could help the Business Assistance Department (BAD) achieve its objectives developing grassroots entrepreneurs and support your ideas.”

New Public Management is a public management method to save waste expenditure and offer more convenient service. NPM has basic policies; the introduction of results-oriented approach and customer market focus. Results-oriented approach is based on the clear standard and evaluates the policy of governmental and administrative department. So, this policy makes them motivate to achieve its objectives developing grassroots entrepreneurs. Also, customer market focus is a policy that NPM pursues the customer satisfaction by regarding companies and citizens as the clients of administrative service. Therefore, NPM greatly support BAD by governmental
and administrative approaches.

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