If you were to time travel all the way back to 1899

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If you were to time travel all the way back to 1899 you would wake up to some pretty big news, America made a policy establishing some principles for trading, mainly making sure every country got the fair chance to trade with China. But of course it have China a good deal as well, by giving them support of their territorial land as well as their administrative integrity. The biggest way you can affect or making amends with a fellow country besides war is afflicting or removing tariffs let see how these powers affect the relations between countries.

The open door act was drawn up for America’s security with it’s trade partner in china, the secretary of state at the time, John Hay and the country as a whole where worried with the volatile situation china was in at the time with everyone fighting for control over the region. America wanted to stop that, so we introduced the open door policy, with the goal of keeping our foot in the door with china for trading.

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In 1933 something big happened, something that strongly increased the relations between America and China. China requested American aid in rural reconstruction of their county, and America helped big time. America helped by funding and planning along with implementation of those plans as well as private efforts from many companies. This kind of support repeated in 1938 when President Truman extended support specifically to the nationalist in china after the outbreak of war, to a bill of 25 million and upped that number to 100 million dollars in support effort in 1940.

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This vastly encouraged their perception of America, at least those who where sided with nationalist ideals.

In 1989 things starting getting tense for our relations with china, with the U.S. considering cutting ties completely due to the events happening in tiananmen square, which were very heavily censored by the government and widely forgotten by many. Which might have been a better move in the long run as it didn’t let anything out to the world, hiding what actually happened. After this little fiasco tensions have been very steady, dying down a little bit during the Obama administration but has sense then stayed steady. It is safe to say that the trade relations between America and China as well as most countries in general. It is unlikely that either side would seize trading because both rely heavily on eachother for trading.

In this essay we have examined how the trade relations between China and America have changed and fluctuated over time. It is safe to say that the relations between the two fastly are effected via the decisions they make when running the country. It’s safe to say that both countries rely on each other and the relationship between the two is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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