If you could say one thing Essay

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If you could say one thing

“World peace. ” “Love one another. ” “End world hunger. ” These statements are probably the most suitable ones to tell the whole world especially in these difficult times of war, hatred, and hunger. Nevertheless, these statements have been heard by almost everyone for countless of times and yet wars still persist, hatred still fills the air, and people still suffer from hunger.

So if I would be given the chance to say one thing to the entire world at once, it will be something realistic, something achievable, something like, “Let us take a moment of silence, please. ” Then pause. Silence means a lot of different things for different individuals and for various disciplines. According to Davide Melodia, some are silent because they have nothing to say, others to listen, some so as not to tell the truth, few because they are afraid, others because they are proud, and some in their own way eloquent (qtd. n Elon University).

Yet with my instruction for every single human being to be silent, I just wish them to be simply that – completely silent. The world today is hearing various noises caused by humans and the products of technology. For once, I wish not to hear anything – no warring factions, libelous statements, grating machines, not even happy remarks, constructive criticism, or pronouncement of love.

In this moment of silence I do not aim to achieve a big goal but simply to have everyone stand or sit quietly; some would perhaps reflect about their lives, others would probably think about their dinner; few might fall asleep; maybe some would still think about their worries; others would perhaps still have ill thoughts. Nonetheless, at the end of that moment of silence, I know that I am successful as I have given the earth the peace and quiet it has longed for even for just a brief period of time.

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